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Back Form

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  • Get lumbar support in the car with our back form.

    Adjustable lumbar support is a key to a healthy back. Our lumbar cushion offers just the right support for your lower back. Supportive flanks and tapered back corners help offset the curved bucket seats that can be nice to look at but hard on your back. Our Back Form lumbar back support cushion is tapered to fit modern car seats, so you get a snug, secure fit. With the right car seat support, driving and car trips can be pleasant again and not so uncomfortable.

    The form-fitting Chiropractic designd providing optimal support for alignment & improved posture.

    Our lower back Chiropractic designed chair pad offers a contoured design that provides targeted lumbar support for optimal spinal alignment, improved posture and less discomfort. This form fitted design is what makes this seat support so comfortable. Additionally, our seat support features tapered back corners to adjust to fit the often curved seating in today’s vehicles.

    The lumbar support back cushion assists in the relief of back pain.

    Sitting for long periods of time can be hard on anyone never mind if you already suffer from occasional or chronic back pain. With the lumbar support cushion, you can get relief and make every chair or sit you sit in more comfortable and easier on your back. Our ergonomic lumbar support system adjusts for the ideal fit. Protect and support the lumbar area of your back. Get the Lumbar Back Support Cushion Pillow to properly align the spine and ease your lower back pain.

    With our lower back support chair pad, every seat becomes more comfortable.

    While anyone who wants to sit more comfortably can use our lower back seat pad, it is designed intentionally for people suffering with back pain. By promoting improved posture and better spinal alignment, this carefully designed seat support can help relieve pressure and pain associated with sitting. Even better, it’s lightweight and portable easily going from home to the car to the office and back again. And on office chairs, desk chairs or dining chairs, adjustable elastic strap holds the Back Form securely in position.

    Get the support you need to reduce chronic back pain.

    Is there anything as frustrating as chronic back pain? When you are experiencing it, it certainly doesn’t feel like it. When you back is flaring, sitting comfortably can be a challenge. With the back support chair pad, you get the back support you need to help diminish chronic back pain. Help ease the back pain that comes from sitting in car seats or chairs with inadequate lumbar support. Our best-selling lumbar back support cushion is recommended by a variety of healthcare professional to sufficiently support the lower back and reduce slouching and improper posture which can cause or flare chronic back pain. The orthopedic, contoured design gently conforms to your back, helping keep your spine in correct alignment. The well constructed, resilient foam holds its shape giving you lasting support and enhanced comfort and the elastic strap helps securely anchor our back support to your chair.

    With adjustable straps, the back support chair pad can be used anywhere.

    Dual elastic straps keep the BackForm secure and stable on seats like open-back office chairs allowing you to position this supportive form however it will provide you with the most optimal support. Being able to use this nearly anywhere means more comfort with fewer aids. Our lightweight support gently cradles your back and fosters correct posture. An ergonomic design imparts firm yet comfortable support. Slip the Back Form over your vehicle seats for a more cushioned, comfortable ride. Ideal for long hours of sitting, car trips, travel, working, watching television, reading and more.

    Our lumbar pillow is portable & lightweight.

    Our lumbar support pillow/cushion is portable and lightweight making it a snap to take it on the road, to the office, visiting with friends. And because of the unique contoured shape, you get even support in a convenient, portable size. Portability means you can bring it with you where you go making every seat you sit in better and easier on your back. Whether you live with chronic back pain or just hate the fatigue that comes after a long day of sitting, this support lumbar cushion may help relieve some of the tension

    With our Australian-made back form, you are buying a quality product.

    Made in Australia, you can trust the quality of our back form. This seat support is offered in your choice of Two cover options. You can choose the soft and durable fabric Dura-Fab for a softer feel. Or you can go with the moisture and bacteria-resistant Steri-Plus if it would help to have a easier to clean surface—a plus if you require it. While there are other back form products on the market, our Back Form offers the high quality, well constructed support you really need.

    Sit more comfortably everywhere-- in the car, office, & home.

    The distinctive asymmetrical shape of our seat support allows you to use the BackForm either side up depending on your height and shape of the seat you use it on. Likewise, it is affordable and a great value for the comfort it imparts, it is lightweight meaning you can easily and quickly move it from chair to chair and it conforms to a wide range of backs and seats making it a good fit for nearly everyone. .If you have a predisposition to slouching, this lumbar cushion will help you sit up straighter avoiding much of the pain and discomfort that comes with incorrect posture. Simply place the cushion on your chair and attach the convenient elastic strap to hold it in place.

    Finally get the lower back lumbar support pillow that works!

    With our back form, you get the support you or someone you care for needs. If you experience frequent back pain, sitting can be a nightmare. Absent the proper lumbar support, sitting can cause back issues or flare an already painful back. Get the lower back support and lumbar cushioning you need to minimize the discomfort you have when seated.

    Australian Made & Owned
    Our EasyFeed Maternity Pillow and EasyFeed Spare Pillow Covers are proudly made in Australia by us, an Australian owned company, utilising the world class manufacturing and health and safety standards that Australia upholds.

  • TGA Listed Yes
    Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods Number No. 174460 Device: Cushion, lumbar
    Country of Manufacture Australia
    Filling Traditional Foam
    Accessory Cover / Dura-Fab / Grey
    Dimensions 36 x 10 x 42 cm
    TGA Listed Yes
    Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods Number No. 174460 Device: Cushion, lumbar
    Country of Manufacture Australia
    Filling Traditional Foam
    Accessory Cover / Steri-Plus / Medical Green
    Dimensions 36 x 10 x 42 cm

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