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Back Huggar Chair Cushion

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  • With adjustable Lower Back Support, the lower back support pillow adds comfort.

    Our lower back support pillow is contoured to give you just the right support and help alleviate lower back fatigue and back pain. Back pain is challenging especially if you must sit for many hours each day. The right mid back support pad can make a huge difference in how your back and body feel. The back pain relief cushion features a special built-in spinal support column with a clever insert which can be removed if you wish to reduce the product depth or modify the lumbar curve. This adjustability means you get a better fit customized just for you. Additionally, an elasticised strap allows you to attach this  back support chair pad to nearly any car seat or chair. And with a removable cover, caring for your back support is a snap.

    Our back pain relief cushion offers traditional foam or Memory foam for 2 levels of support.

    Get the mid back support pad in your choice of traditional foam or memory foam. We recommend deluxe traditional foam for those who prefer a substantial, firmer support. It is still cushioned and comfortable but the traditional foam lower back support pillow does offer a firmer feel. Conversely, you may choose the memory foam back pain relief cushion if you are looking for a softer more subtle lumbar support. The choice of memory foam or traditional foam means you get the optimal level of support that works best for you. Our back support chair pad also offers an adjustable, removable insert allowing you to further tailor this back pain relief cushion to your needs and comfort level.

    Adjustable elastic straps hold this mid back support pad in position.

    Get the right adjustable lower back support and every seat or chair becomes better. Our Back Huggar offers real back pain relief in traditional foam or memory foam. Our lower back support has been designed to lessen lower back pain and correct posture. A sore back means everything hurts so why not add this simple lumbar support to your seat and feel better?

    A removable insert makes the back support chair pad adjustable for individual comfort.

    Ideal for the car, office or home, our Lower & Mid Back Pain Relief Cushion allows you to adjust conventional seating to better meet your needs. Offered in your choice of two foams and featuring a removable insert, our lumbar support lets you find your individual level of comfort. Don’t let improper or inadequate lumbar support cause you pain any longer.

    With our lower back support pillow you can find relief from back pain.

    Whether you suffer from recurrent back pain, chronic back pain or even disability, our lumbar support cushion has been designed with your comfort in mind. Help relieve back pain and create the postural support that can keep back pain at bay and improve your over all comfort and wellness. Most conventional seating does not adequately support the lower back but with added lumbar support in your choice of dual densities of foam--traditional foam or memory foam, you can make sitting, even for long periods, substantially more comfortable.

    The back pain relief cushion makes seating more comfortable by providing soothing support.

    Our back support is light and durable and guaranteed to hold its shape. With the Back Huggar you get built-in spinal support with the column specially designed to accommodate and cushion the spine. Our Lower & Mid Back Pain Relief Cushion also provides cushioned lower back support. Make sitting substantially more comfortable with our lumbar support cushion. Give your back muscles and  discs soothing support they deserve. Our back pain relief cushion helps the spine follow its natural curve thereby helping to enhanced posture and improve back pain. Sitting can be hard on the body and yet with the right support you can mitigate the discomfort allowing you to get your work done and do what you need to do.

    Our back support chair pad is offered with 2 cover options - Dura-Fab and Steri-Plus.

    Our back support chair aide comes in your choice of two cover options. Our Dura-Fab material offers a soft yet durable attractive woman, washable polyester. Conversely, our Steri-Plus supportive chair pad is made using a special polyurethane ply (film) bonded to woven polyester fabric. The Steri-Plus material is moisture and bacteria resistant making it a good choice for those convalescing. Both materials offered lasting durability and ultimate comfort. Additionally, our back support chair pad offers a removable insert allowing you to further customize the level of support you want.

    The midback support pad provides light, durable & portable back support.

    Our mid back support pad provides cushioned comfort and portable back support to help make sitting more comfortable. Whether you spend long days in your office chair or frequently spend long periods of time in the car, this mid back support pad can help you get much more comfortable even when sitting for long periods of time. Don’t be content to suffer through the pain of sitting went affordable, effective back support is within your reach.

    Help alleviate back pain and improve posture with the lumbar seat cushion.

    Improve your posture and reduce your back pain with adequate lumbar  support. Sitting is hard on your body and back pain is so often the result of long periods of sitting. With our lumbar seat cushion, Sitting in the car feels better, sitting in your chair feels better and even watching TV or hanging out with friends can feel better.

    Sit longer & more comfortably with the ergonomically designed back support pad.

    Don’t let back pain keep you from doing the things you want to do. With our ergonomically designed back support pad you can achieve a whole new level of comfort no matter where you are sitting.
  • Size 7cm wide x 45cm long x 33.8cm high
    Inner 100% open cell 'breathing' urethane foam OR visco-elastic Memory Foam.
    Dura-Fab Outer Cover Woven polyester. It is a super-soft easy-clean washable fabric.
    Steri-Plus Outer Cover Moisture and bacteria-resistant polyurethane ply bonded to a knitted polyester backing.
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