Welcome to Pillows Australia

At Pillows Australia we have been enriching the lives of Australians by giving them the best rest and the best sleep possible for over 40 years. 
Working with Healthcare Professionals Australia wide, the Pillows Australia range of comfort and support sleeping products has been meticulously designed to give unsurpassed comfort combined with innovative health and wellbeing benefits.  
We are proud that all of our products are Australian designed and made to the highest Australian standards. As an Australian owned and operated business we take great pride in providing the best class leading products at exceptional value to Australians and people around the world.  
We hope you enjoy our range of products that help provide the best comfort, support and health enhancing experience possible. 
Rest Better, Sleep Better, Be Better

An Australian Owned Company

We are proud to state that we are an Australian born and bred company, owned and operated by Australians for over 40 years. Although we are entirely Australian owned and operated, we like to pride ourselves on our diverse multi-cultural team that hail from a host of different countries and cultures that work diligently behind the scenes to keep Pillows Australia ticking! 

Pillows for Australians

At Pillows Australia, our research and development team collaborate with Australian health care practitioners and Australian families to create and adapt our products for Australians and people the world over. Working with the world leading medical practice standards that Australia prides itself on, we design, create, and manufacture the best pillows and comforting therapeutic support products.

Why we make Pillows

Why do we do what we do? To make life better! Our goal at Pillows Australia is to make life better for Australians and people around the world. The quality of sleep you have directly reflects on your quality of life. We strive to help people achieve a better quality of life by creating and giving people the tools they need to find the best sleep possible.

Rest Better, Sleep Better, Be Better

It's as simple as that. The fundamental vision driving everything we do is to be better, to become and be the best version of ourselves that we can make possible. By reaching for the best rest and sleep, we are reaching to make ourselves and the rest of the world the best that we can be. 

Rest Better, Sleep Better, Be Better