Lupin Microwave Heat Bag - Hand Mitt

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Natural Lupin Heat Pack - Hand Mitt

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  • Ease sore, stiff hands with warming hand mitts & get the relief you need.

    Lupin warm packs have long been used to treat aches and pains and now with our uniquely shaped mitts, sore hands get enveloped in comfort and reap the benefits of heat therapy. Our hot and cold therapy mitts can also provide relief for tired, overworked hands, arthritis and even provide lasting warmth for suffers of chronically cold hands.

    Hand warming mitts a warm treat for hard working hands.

    Don’t let stiff joints slow you down. Just warm our therapeutic mitts in the microwave for instant relief. Slip tired, stiff hands into the soothing warmth of our Australian made hand mitt. Designed to deliver relief from hand and wrist pain associated with overworked hands and health issues like arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome and circulation problems. An excellent gift for gardeners, the handyman in your life, busy moms, musicians and nearly anyone with hands that occasionally take a beating.

    Heat therapy mitts can helps improve poor circulation in hands.

    If you suffer from arthritis pain, joint stiffness in your hands or poor circulation in your fingers, try the warming heat mitt for easy, quick relief. Whether you suffer from arthritis, osteoarthritis, Raynaud’s or just stiff, over worked hands, heat therapy can work magic on sore, stiff and tired hands. These hand mitts are sold individually so if you’d like one for each hand, order two. Not only does the moist heat feel great, it’s good for you too.

    Our spa mitts can keep hands healthy & beautiful.

    Get soft, relaxed, healthy looking hands. Use our spa mitts to aid in circulation, keeping hands looking and feeling better. Or pair with light gloves or plastic liners to help your creams and lotions penetrate deeper and absorb better. Simply apply your favorite moisturizer, cover hands in plastic wrap/light gloves or a plastic bag and slip hands into warmed mitts. The warm mitt opens pores allowing lotions and moisturizers to penetrate the skin's surface for effective softening and hydration. Likewise, the soothing heat softens cuticles to help promote healthy, beautiful nails.

    Our moist heat hand mitts help reduce hand pain.

    Moist heat is an easy natural way to aid healing and provide safe pain relief as it increases circulation and accelerates recovery, bringing fresh blood cells to muscles and joints. Physical therapists, chiropractors, doctors and other health professionals often recommend moist heat because it is easy, affordable and safe. With little or no side effects, you can treat your pain as often as you need to with soothing warmth. Our microwavable hand warmers are safe, odorless and reusable and a great treat to warm your hands just before bed so you can get snuggled in for a good night’s rest.

    Reduce need for medication with warm therapy hand mitts.

    Even though medication may need to be a part of your arsenal for dealing with the pain of arthritis or other illnesses, having other things at your fingertips can help you reduce the amount of medication you need or treat minor pain with an all natural, low side effect alternative first. Our warming therapy mitt offers quick relief for hurting hands. Health professionals agree, heat helps temporarily relieve minor aches and pains associated with stressed and overworked hands or arthritis.

    Our warming mitts are great for warming your hands on cold nights.

    Maybe you suffer from chronically cold hands or just seasonally find it hard to warm up your hands when the weather is cold. With our warming hand mitts, you get instant warmth to warm chilly hands. Whether you are relaxing or watching television or even reading, our warming mitt goes nearly wherever you go because it never needs to be plugged in, simply microwave and slip on. These mitts are sold individually so if you’d like one for each hand, be sure to purchase two!

    Warming hand mitts relieve aches & pains of overworked hands or arthritis.

    Arthritis can effect many areas of the body but hands often suffer the worst because we need them to do so many things. Our Lupin warming hand mitts help counter joint pain and inflammation so you can feel better and get back to your normal daily activities. If you or someone you care about suffers from arthritis or joint pain, consider comfort products like our warming hand mitts.  Why are these warming mitts so popular with consumers? You can give them a quick microwave for easy heating. They are odour free and 30% lighter than wheat heat bags / packs or rice bags and they stay warmer longer. They are made in Australia from Australian lupins and they are not treated with chemicals or fungicides.

    Heated hand mitts can soothe hand & wrist pain, even carpal tunnel syndrome.

    If you have suffered from carpal tunnel syndrome, you understand how hard it is to treat the nerve pain that can plague your wrist and hand. Sometimes over the counter pain relievers cannot even touch the pain. Our hand warmers wont cure your carpal tunnel syndrome but they will offer relief and a reprieve from the pain while you heal on your own. And heat therapy can speed up your body’s natural healing process through increased blood flow, nutrients and toxin removal.

    Australian Made & Owned
    Our EasyFeed Maternity Pillow and EasyFeed Spare Pillow Covers are proudly made in Australia by us, an Australian owned company, utilising the world class manufacturing and health and safety standards that Australia upholds.

  • Country of Manufacture Australia
    Filling Natural Lupin Grain
    Accessory Cover / Corduroy / Royal Blue
    Dimensions 29.5 x 21 x 5 cm
    Country of Manufacture Australia
    Filling Natural Lupin Grain
    Accessory Cover / Cotton / Charcoal
    Dimensions 29.5 x 21 x 5 cm

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