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TheraMed Leg Carriage

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  • The therapeutic leg carriage is made from pressure-diffusing memory foam.

    Our leg carriage gutter cushion offers ideal support and increased stability for those individuals with leg casts requiring stable elevation or who need internal/external rotation control. Whether you are healing post surgically or needing to comfortably elevate and maintain the proper knee and lower leg position for other medical related issues, this orthopedic immobilizer offers a health aid from a trusted Australian source.

    Our post surgical protective leg cushion features a wide aperture for all body shapes.

    And our orthopedic immobilizer is made from All-new 100% open cell 'breathing' urethane memory foam. Likewise, this therapeutic leg carriage features a Steri-Plus outer cover that is moisture and bacteria-resistant. The shape, material and weight of the foam means the leg elevator won't slide around or off of the bed, keeping you or the person you are caring for secure. This added stability is important when healing and recovering.

    The orthopedic immobilizer provides air circulation to aid healing of foot & heel ulcers

    Heel pressure ulcers can be particularly challenging for health care professionals given the risk of complications, offloading challenges and the sometimes compromised vascular status of many patients.  Our pressure-diffusing memory foam surface supports the leg and provides pressure relief to the ankle, heel and foot. The right positioning aid can make all of the difference when dealing with an injured or healing foot or leg.

    The pressure diffusing foam leg support is intended for leg casts or those requiring stable elevation.

    And our malleable design allows the Leg Elevation Foam Support Pillow to be used on either the left or right leg and it is sized to fit most. If your health professional has recommended an offloading aid or requires a leg support or stabiliser, our pressure diffusing leg support could be what you need. Of course, always consult with your physician or medical health professional first before you begin treatment.

    Our leg stabilizer cushion immobilises the leg, knee & heel in a neutral position.

    The leg stabilizer cushions and securely supports the calves, spreading the load and weight of the leg across the foam cushion’s surface. The memory foam gently cushions the Achilles heel region which leaves the foot, ankle and heel free to float over a zero pressure air cavity with no force on the heel or foot area. Bedsores, also known as pressure sores or pressure ulcers, can be prevented or allowed to heal with the use of a pressure diffusing leg carriage. These are injuries to skin and underlying tissue resulting from prolonged pressure on the skin. So by relieving that pressure, you can reduce the risk of getting one in the first place or make it easier for an existing ulcer to heal.

    The therapeutic leg carriage can be used comfortably with two side by side.

    You can use our leg stabilizer in a variety of configuration s and with one, either or both legs. There are two components available to use separately or together. Model 1 is offered without the foot support and Model 2 is offered with foot support attachment. Both are covered with our medical grade Steri-Plus which is a woven polyester fabric with a special polyurethane ply (film) bonded to it in order to make it moisture and bacteria-resistant.

    The post surgical protective leg cushion aids treatment after orthopaedic surgery.

    What makes our post surgical protective leg cushion a step above others? Ours features a soft, pliant  Memory foam surface, paired with premium-grade traditional foam base. Our innovative design features an open-ended cavity which allows the heel to be continually free from pressure. This also helps add stability without added pressure. Likewise, this protective leg cushion reduces pressure, shearing forces and provides the needed air circulation for accelerated tissue repair and healing of existing pressure sores.

    Orthopedic immobilizer offers prevention and management of heel pressure ulcers.

    Pressure ulcers, also called pressure sores, bedsores and decubitus ulcers, are injuries to the skin and/or underlying tissue that often occur as a result of pressure, or pressure in combination with shear and/or friction. Pressure ulcers are prevented and treatable if detected early. With the Leg Carriage Gutter Cushion, you get cushioned support, immobilisation and elevation. This leg cushion is specially designed for the prevention & management of heel pressure ulcers, & post operative orthopaedic & venous surgery.

    The pressure diffusing foam leg support promotes recovery.

    Our leg gutter cushion is made from a combination of a firm foam core covered in memory foam. This dual construction makes is both cushioned and supportive preventing it from flattening, which effectively provides optimal and continual elevation.

    The leg elevation support pillow offers extended foot support to keep bedding off of toes.

    Get the foot and leg support you need. The adjustable foot-drop support pad secures foot for comfort. And the anti-foot-drop construction controls dorsal flexion and keeps the foot and leg immobilised and stable. Likewise, the extended foot support keeps blankets and sheet off of toes.

    Australian Made & Owned
    Our EasyFeed Maternity Pillow and EasyFeed Spare Pillow Covers are proudly made in Australia by us, an Australian owned company, utilising the world class manufacturing and health and safety standards that Australia upholds.

  • TGA Listed Yes
    Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods Number No. 174454 Device: Cushion, leg
    Country of Manufacture Australia
    Version Cushion Only
    Filling Traditional Foam
    Accessory Cover / Steri-Plus / Medical Green
    Dimensions 53 x 29 x 15 cm
    TGA Listed Yes
    Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods Number No. 174454 Device: Cushion, leg
    Country of Manufacture Australia
    Version Cushion & Canopy
    Filling Traditional Foam
    Accessory Cover / Steri-Plus / Medical Green
    Dimensions 53 x 28 x 15 cm
    TGA Listed Yes
    Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods Number No. 174454 Device: Cushion, leg
    Country of Manufacture Australia
    Version Canopy Only
    Filling Card Flute
    Accessory Cover / Steri-Plus / Medical Green
    Dimensions 28 x 25 x 32 cm

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