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TheraMed Ring Cushion

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  • Our donut pillow offers relief from bedsores, post operative pain & more.

    Don’t let post operative pain, childbirth, bed sores or other painful conditions keep you in a state of distress and discomfort. With our pan relief donut cushion, you get superior comfort for your chair, car seat, wheelchair and more. Our tailbone pain pillow reduces pressure on the coccyx, tailbone, legs and hips while seated. The specific shape and design all promote optimal weight distribution, posture and spine alignment. Our post operative padded seat cushion can also help in the relief and treatment of lower back pain, haemorrhoids and pressure ulcers.

    This donut cushion is light & portable allowing it to go wherever you go.

    When you have a don’t cushion that is lightweight yet supportive, you can take it wherever you go making comfort something that is always at hand. Ur donut pillow offers superior cushioning with a ring shape distributes body weight evenly without adding painful pressure to the perineum to help reduce pelvic and perineal pain. Our foam Ring Cushion also makes for an ideal travel pillow for the car. Help alleviate the pain that can go hand in hand with long trips or even a lengthy daily commute by sitting on this supportive donut cushion. If you suffer from lower back pain or tailbone pain, you will find it especially helpful while on the road or traveling.

    Health professionals recommend pain relief padded seat cushions to ease discomfort.

    Whether you are healing from post operative pain or suffer from haemorrhoids or other similar painful conditions, many health professionals recommend a donut cushion to eliminate unnecessary pressure while your body recovers. This allows for effective pain relief and healing of the tender areas. Likewise, our donut pillow offers comfort and durability so you can use it repeatedly as coccyx pain , also called tailbone pain, can be chronic.

    A post operative seat pad can help you recover faster & more comfortably.

    Post surgical discomfort can be a literal pain in your rear. Too much pressure and weight on your most sensitive parts can not only make you feel awful, it can delay healing. You shouldn’t have to suffer through pain seated in bed, watching television in your favorite chair or during trips in the car. Recover faster and feel better while you do it with a therapeutic seat pad and seat assist.

    Our donut pillow is natural rubber latex made in Australia.

    Made from natural latex rubber made here in Australia, you never have to worry about the materials in your seat cushion. Our donut pillow is made in Australia from natural rubber latex for a premium, well constructed therapeutic pillow. The soft & durable natural rubber latex conforms to your body for superior cushioning and latex rubber is natural, environmentally friendly and renewable.

    Our donut ring cushion is reduces pressure point discomfort.

    Don’t let pressure point discomfort get you down or tolerate unnecessary pain a minute more. Especially when a donut cushion could make things feel so much better. Use a latex foam donut cushion and get the relief you deserve. Whether you are at home in your favorite chair, your office seat, in the car or at the movies, a donut foam seat cushion makes every seat a better one. Get the best seat in the house!

    The latex foam donut ring cushion can relieve some pregnancy & post natal tenderness.

    New moms can find it hard to sit comfortable. It isn’t easy getting comfortable after pregnancy and childbirth but a latex foam donut ring cushion can make it much easier, especially in the weeks following birth when everything is tender and healing and even something as simple and straightforward as sitting can be uncomfortable.

    The donut cushion reduces pain to coccyx and tailbone area when seated.

    Coccyx discomfort, also known as tailbone pain can get even worse when seated, however, if you make use of a donut cushion, you can reduce pain by reducing pressure on those tender areas. With a specifically place opening, the coccyx cushion keeps pressure off of the area so that you have reduced pain while seated. Our donut pillow has a donut shape that optimizes support for your bottom while diffusing with the center opening. The unique foam cushion contours to the shape of your body for better support of your bottom. Likewise, it distributes body weight evenly while preventing stress on lower body and legs.

    Get natural, safe pain relief from our premium, padded seat cushion.

    Sometimes you don’t want to take medication, sometimes you can and sometimes you just want to try a natural and safe therapy first. With our donut ring cushion, you can get natural, safe and side effect free pain relief. While you should always consult with your health professionals, tailbone pain can typically be treated at home with conservative, drug free methods. A donut cushion can offer an alternative to many other therapies that is easy, safe, convenient and reusable.

    Don't let post operative pain make you more uncomfortable than you need to be.

    The right seat pad or seat assist can give you real relief from the discomfort that often goes hand in hand with procedures and post operative pain. Our donut cushion may help relieve a variety of issues including: the pain from prolonged sitting, tailbone pain, a healing episiotomy, pelvic floor pain, child birth, anal fissures, chronic pelvic pain syndrome, prostatitis, hemorrhoids, a pilonidal cyst, a fractured tailbone, pressure sores and more. Of course, always consult with your health professional or physician but a well designed padded seat cushion can be a solid part of your treatment plan.
  • TGA Listed Yes
    Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods Number No. 174453 Device: Cushion, body
    Size Medium
    Filling Natural Latex
    Accessory Cover / Steri-Plus / Medical Green
    Dimensions 41 x 41 x 8 cm

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