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Natural Lupin Heat Pack - Square Shape Natural Heating Pad

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  • With our warm packs, get chemical free pain relief without side effects.

    Alternative therapies are increasingly popular as a first choice for pain relief as they tend to offer fewer side effects.  Natural remedies like heat therapy offer a simple and safe alternative. Even over the counter pain relievers have risks associated with them and prescribed pain relief is no different. From stomach problems to dependency and risk of stroke, many ingested pain medications carry worrisome side effects. But for many people with pain, these medications must be part of their regiment. Still, many sufferers of chronic pain report using less medication with their more minor aches and pains are treated with heat therapy first. Chronic pain can be the most difficult to treat so having multiple safe, effective treatments available is always wise.

    Finally natural, safe pain relief with the 100% natural Lupin heat pack.

    Whether you are trying to avoid overusing over the counter or prescription pain medication or you just want a non-medical, non-chemical all natural way to relieve occasional aches and pains, our Lupin warm therapy pack is a must have. The Lupin square heat bag is suitable for all parts of your body and can be used to help relieve headaches, migraines, neck and shoulder pain, sore muscles, cold hands, lower back pain, menstrual cramps, knee pain and even sore feet. A natural warm and cool pack offers an easy, affordable, compact way to treat any number of issues. It will become the most used item in your medicine cabinet. Even kids appreciate the warmth and soothing qualities of a lupin heat pack and you can rest easy knowing it’s safe for older children whether its to warm their bed or offer comfort for the pain of an earache.

    Enjoy the benefits of heat therapy with our heatable warm pack.

    The lupin square heat bags offer heat therapy and relief to any part of the body like your lower back, abdomen, legs, neck and shoulders. Our lupins bags with their gentle heat, penetrate deep into the muscles to help enhance and speed up natural healing. Simply warm in the microwave to soothe soreness and achiness. How does heat help reduce pain and discomfort? Heat delivered through our lupin warm pad can boost tissue elasticity, mitigating painful muscle tension and promoting the relaxation of tender muscle and uncomfortable knots. The deep heating you get with our microwaveable warm pack increases blood flow to your sore spots and helps you recover faster. They can also be used for both heat therapy or cold therapy. Just heat your Lupin bag in the microwave or cool it down in the freezer and are then apply to the body wherever heat or cold therapy is needed. Get the many benefits from heat therapy and cool therapy—a safe and natural way to soothe sore muscles and feel better.

    Get hot & cold therapy with safe and natural Australian Lupins.

    Lupins offer a better alternative to rice bags, wheat bags and other natural products because Lupins
    are lighter weight and retain heat longer for lasting natural pain relief. Our Lupins are sustainably grown right here in Australia and are never treated with chemicals or fungicides. Lupin heat bags and wraps are allergy free and suitable for all ages. Children love to snuggle up with a warm pack at night, warm cold beds before they get in or even treat growing pains with a safe, natural product.

    The rectangle, warm packs can be a lifesaver for chronic headache sufferers.

    If you have suffered from chronic headaches, tension headaches, sinus headaches, migraines or even cluster headaches, you know how uncomfortable and difficult to treat these can be. While our Lupin heat packs don’t always eliminate the headache, they can make it more comfortable while you wait for medication to kick in or the headache to go away on it’s own. And with some types of headaches, the gentle warming can reduce muscle tension and stop the headache in its tracks.

    Get back in the game or the gym sooner with microwavable heat packs.

    Heat bags can help you treat muscle discomfort so you can get back to that tennis or golf game or hit the gym sooner. Our Lupin bags can be used both hot or cold so with one product you get to experience the benefits of both heat therapy and cold therapy. Simply heat in the microwave or wrap your Lupin bag in a plastic bag and place in the freezer. Gentle heat therapy can help your muscles recover faster getting you back in the game.

    Australian Lupin heat bags offer superior natural pain relief.

    Thinking about a heated rice bag or wheat warming bag? Lupin Heat Bags offer many of advantages over conventional wheat bags and rice bags. If you have ever used a wheat bag before, you likely noticed that they often give off an acrid 'burnt' smell after many reheatings. This does not happen with Lupins as they are odour free. And our Lupins are 100% natural, Australian grown and never treated with chemicals, herbicides or pesticides so you don’t have to worry about what’s in them. Therapeutic Pillow & Thera-med offer the most comprehensive range of 100% natural Lupin heat bags, hand made right here in Australia so you can trust our quality.

    Microwavable bags offer quick, easy, effective and convenient pain relief.

    Sore back? Warm up your heat pad in the microwave and then slip it behind your back on your ride to the office. Or soothe a sore shoulder while you catch up on emails. Or bring your heat pack to the office with you for relief on the go. Cold feet, warm up our heat pad and place at the foot of your bed. There is no limit to how and where you can use these.
  • Size 20cm x 20cm
    Weight 0.55kg
    Cover 100% Cotton
    Inner contents 100% Natural Lupin Grain
    Manufacturer Made in Australia
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