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SleepAway Travel Pillow - Memory Foam or Traditional Foam

  • Description
  • Specifications
  • The Sleep-Away Travel Pillow is a comfortable and hygienic pillow option for travellers

    Avoid uncomfortable and unhygienic hotel pillows and take your own! The single contour suits all body types and the Poly/cotton cover is removable for easy cleaning. 

    Features and Benefits of the Sleep-Away Travel Pillow:
    - Easy-to-use: Light-weight and compact - ideal for overnight stays away from home.
    - Hygienic: Your own Sleep Away Travel Pillow gives the superior protection needed for healthy and hygienic sleep.
    - Proudly Australian Made: Our SleepAway Travel Pillow is proudly made in Australia by us, an Australian owned company, utilising the world class manufacturing and health and safety standards upheld in Australia.
    - Available in 3 colours - Maroon, Royal Blue or Dark Green. 
    - Available in Steri-Plus cover: Steri-Plus has a special polyurethane ply (film) bonded to woven polyester fabric and is moisture and bacteria-resistant.

    Sleep-Away Travel Pillow is available in two versions:
    - Deluxe Traditional foam travel pillow: Premium-grade traditional foam will give good support and superb comfort. Suited to those who use a traditional foam pillow rather than a memory foam pillow when at home. Regarded by many health professionals worldwide as the benchmark for achieving the ideal 'marriage' of comfort and good sleep posture in a travel product. 
    - Visco elastic memory foam travel pillow: The memory foam version is best suited for use in hotels by those who prefer a memory pillow.
    - Being temperature sensitive, the pillow will feel softer when warm and firmer when cool. 
    - Best used indoors as the pillow will soften and harden considerably in extreme temperature conditions.

    We highly recommend the use of the Naturelle Pillow Protector
    We highly recommend the use of the Naturelle Pillow Protector in a small size for your Sleep-Away Travel Pillow. It will help protect you and your pillow from bed bugs, dust mites and allergies.

  • TGA Listed Yes
    Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods Number No.174455 Device: Pillow
    Size 26 cm x 39 cm x 10 cm (high side), and tapers down to 6 cm
    Height 10 cm (high side) and tapers down to 6 cm on the low side.
    Weight (Memory Foam) 550g
    Weight (Traditional Foam) 250g
    Foam style 100% Australian made visco elastic memory foam or open cell traditional foam
    Country of Manufacture Australian Made
    Cover Poly/cotton removable cover
    Regular Foam 100% Australian urethane foam
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