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LegsUp Leg Rest - Leg Support Ottoman

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  • Take a load off with our luxury comfort ottoman.


    If you suffer from poor circulation in your legs or want to improve circulation throughout your body, health professional advise us to raise our feet.  Raising them above your heart for ten minutes or more a day is better. An ergonomic ottoman can be used with just about any type of seating such as a chair, settee or sofa to help you get comfortable and sooth achy, tired legs. SO what are you waiting for? Put your feet up!

    Rest tired legs and feet with our leg support ottoman.


    With the comfort ottoman, you can rest your tired legs and feet. With your feet up in an elevated position, you can minimise the strain on your lower back by supporting your legs and feet. Our leg support ottoman has been designed to conform to accepted postural criteria for orthopedic support that you won’t get from just any ottoman. Made from memory foam, this leg support ottoman is soft and supportive, no need for extra pillows or cushioning to get comfortable. Our ottoman is truly a home health aid, but it doesn’t look like one so it won’t look out of place with your existing furniture.

    Get comfortable and increase circulation with the leg support floor cushion.


    The leg support ottoman can aid you in getting comfortable and even increasing circulation. With our Legs Up Ottoman, you get complete leg support to sooth your tired, aching legs and take a load off. Even swollen, sore feet can benefit from being elevated. Our leg support floor cushion is recommended for individuals with varicose veins, swollen feet and ankles, during pregnancy and convalescing. There are as many a six optional comfort positions for supporting your lower limbs. Additionally, the leg support ottoman provides even weight distribution and the measured support that reduces the chance of painful pressure points. Still, it is not recommended to sit for long periods in a fixed or still position so we advise you change position regularly and move around as you are able to.

    Our seated leg support cushion is recommended for those with varicose veins.


    With the leg support floor cushion, there are a number of measurable health benefits. Whether you suffer from circulatory issues, varicose veins, leg or feet swelling, achy legs, many health professionals recommend periods of time with your feet elevated. Even weight distribution with our orthopedic ottoman means no pressure or stress on your heels and knee joints. Likewise, the design of our ergonomic leg and foot rest will not cause tension or irritate the sciatic nerve. When you elevate the legs, you can improve vascular drainage, reduce swelling in the legs and feet and use natural gravity to improve circulation. Our stylish and comfortable ottoman looks good AND feels good.

    This leg support foot rest can ease swollen feet and ankles.


    If you spend long days working on your feet you know how tired and sore legs and feet can get. If you are an expectant mother, you also likely understand the discomfort that can settle in your legs, feet and even your lower back as your baby grows. With the seated leg support cushion, find relief for varicose veins, swollen feet and ankles, tired fatigued legs. Whether you are pregnant, recovering or convalescing, this orthopedic ottoman can help you get more comfortable. The patented design highlights six positions for individuals of varying height and physique, and for different sized/height chairs, couches and seats.

    The ergonomic ottoman is a must have for moms to be.


    The leg support foot rest turns any chair into an ‘easier’ chair with added support and cushioning for your legs and feet. Our ergonomic ottoman works great for the edema (swelling) that often goes along with pregnancy. Even without those issues, it can be relaxing and comfortable to elevate your feet both as your baby grows and even afterward during feeding and relaxing with your baby. Give those tired feet a rest with our orthopedic ottoman.

    The seated leg support cushion offers even weight distribution for pressure dispersal.


    Conventional furniture ottomans are not typically designed to be comfortable or properly support the body. With our leg support foot rest, you get the comfort you need so that putting your feet up doesn’t put added, unnecessary strain on other parts of your body.

    Our ergonomic ottoman will not further aggravate the sciatic nerve.


    Maintaining good circulation for health and comfort is an important issue for many of us and with the ergonomic ottoman, you can put your feet up without aggravating your sciatic nerve or other joints. Our leg rest offers varied contouring to offer you multiple positions to find your individual comfort level.

    With the right ergonomic leg rest, you can get comfortable and relax in style.


    With the orthopedic ottoman, you get attractive styling AND quality, healthy leg and feet support. And our ottoman is offered in either Dura-Fab or a soft, leather like easy to care for vinyl. Multiple contours means multiple positioning to get a more individualised level of comfort.

    This leg support foot rest looks good AND feels good.


    While our ergonomic foot rest provides optimal support when seated, it doesn’t look like a health aid or orthopedic device, it just looks like a well styled ottoman. Two cover choices give you two styling choices in one high quality memory foam ottoman. There is the soft leather-feel quality vinyl in antique grey and the Dura-Fab in mid grey.
  • TGA Listed Yes
    Aust. Register of Therapeutic Goods No. 1744454 Cushion, Leg
    Dimentions 55 cm x 49 cm x 39 cm
    Inner 100% open cell 'breathing' urethane foam
    Dura-fab Outer Cover Woven polyester. It is a super-soft easy-clean washable fabric.
    Vinyl Cover Leather feel vinyl cover
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