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Cuddle Up Body Pillow

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  • The extended length of our full sized total body CuddleUp Body Pillow offers comforting support from head to toe

    Don’t spend another night trying to get comfortable shifting multiple pillows from your legs to your back, side head and then starting all over again when you shift or switch sides. With an extended length, eternity design and generously stuffed feel, our comfort body pillow provides support from your head to your toes. Rest your ankles, cushion your hips and knees and support your neck—all with one pillow.
    Our full length overstuffed body pillow gives you a myriad of ways to get comfortable. The dynamic flexible design means that the perfect position can be achieved to relieve your individual aches and pains. No need for multiple pillows or shifting pillows as you toss and turn, as you can shift and readjust with the other side of the CuddleUp body pillow with ease.

    100% Australian Made - Our Australian made CuddleUp Full Sized Body Pillows are entirely designed and produced in Australia for Pillows Australia

    Our comforting body pillow alone replaces multiple pillows to support the hips, back, neck, and tummy

    Most health professionals recommend side sleeping as the optimal sleep position. However, getting comfortable sleeping on your side can be difficult and uncomfortable with a pile of traditional pillows. The right body pillows can offer excellent support for side sleepers, chronic neck pain, back pain sufferers, and moms-to-be. And our complete body pillow comes with a high quality washable soft polycotton custom fitted Ivory coloured pillow cover. Stops restless tossing and turning and get the restorative, healthy sleep you need to feel good the next day.

    Relish in infinite comfort options with our supportive full sized body pillow

    Get comfortable, fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer with so many options. Swing a leg over the total body pillow, nestle your self in on your back, tuck under your back or use it to take the pressure off of your knees and hips. You can even fold it over to prop yourself up to watch a little television or read before you drift off letting the sides support your arms with ease. Our full body sized body pillow’s unique design allows you infinite comfort options to cushion and cradle your body’s load areas and reduce painful pressure points to the areas you need it most.

    Anyone can enjoy cuddly comforting support with the CuddleUp Full Size Body pillow

    CuddleUp is the comfort body pillow specially designed to both comfort & support. A patented ‘dual tail’ design means you can roll over during the night without dragging your pillow with you. Unique design allows you infinite comfort options to cushion and cradle your body. From new moms, moms-to-be, people suffering from back problems, those who do better sleeping with their body elevated and even older kids and teens love to snuggle up with the Cuddle Up Total body pillow. And with a zipped entrance to the pillow’s interior, you can adjust the generous filling to get just the right soft support for you. Our total comfort body pillow suits all body sizes and shapes. You may want to just order multiples from the start since this could very well become everyone’s favorite pillow.

    Our pregnancy support pillow helps mothers-to-be get the restful sleep they need

    While pregnancy can be a beautiful, exciting time, as your baby grows, getting comfortable and getting a good night’s rest can be much more hard and difficult to achieve. The heavenly CuddleUp Body Pillow is the perfect pregnancy pillow and provides support and comfort for the side sleeping position, maintaining healthy blood and nutrient flow.  Mothers-to-be prefer side sleeping--the medically-accepted sleep position. Our Australian made CuddleUp full size Body Pillow is specially designed to comfort & support mothers during pregnancy, and long after your baby arrives.

    The total body support CuddleUp Body Pillow is effective for both sleeping & relaxing in bed, & comes with a machine washable pillow cover

    Whether you are sleeping or just relaxing, our CuddleUp Body Pillow offers individual comfort and ergonomic support from your neck to your feet. Minimise neck, head, and back strain whether you use your CuddleUp Body Pillow while sleeping or as a bed lounger to get cozy support when sitting up. Ergonomically supports your spine, joints and muscles for comfort in many positions.

    Measuring at; Height: 25 cm Width: 70 cm Length: 120 cm, our pillow includes one washable, soft polycotton custom fitted Ivory coloured pillow cover to keep your total body pillow protected, though like almost all of our products, additional pillow covers are available, and you can order additional pillow covers separately should you choose to.

    Our CuddleUp Pregnancy Support Full Size Body Pillow provides customized support during pregnancy & beyond

    Moms-to-be need to get quality sleep. Medical and health professionals recommend sleeping on your side during pregnancy for optimal comfort, support and for the health of your baby. And yet, not everyone has an easy time getting comfortable on their sides. Our total body pillow offers a high quality, Australian made side sleeping pillow that makes getting comfortable and falling asleep easier at a time many mums-to-be find getting a good night’s rest challenging. And for after the arrival of your baby, your CuddleUp can provide a natural feeding platform making frequent breast feeding easier and more comfortable.

    Relieve painful pressure points with our CuddleUp comfort body pillow

    Don’t let neck, back or shoulder pain interrupt restful sleep. Our comfort body pillow makes alignment natural and more comfortable by encouraging a comfortable side sleeping position. With better spinal alignment, you may find relief from painful pressure points that can plague your sleep with the restless tossing and turning that can leave you drained.

    Our most comfortable body pillow helps you get comfortable & connect with your infant

    Perfect for sleeping, relaxing and feeding baby. The CuddleUp Body Pillow makes feeding comfortable and relaxing for both you & baby – a key factor in milk supply Rest arms & elbows on top of the pillow Supports baby's weight as you hold and feed to reduce back, neck & shoulder strain The flexible design means that the perfect position can be achieved without causing discomfort and pain. High quality washable soft polycotton custom fitted Ivory colour pillow cover included.

    Care Instructions

    Filling: Do not wash, no spin dry. If moist or soiled delete from inner cover and dry fill on rack warm place. *Polyfill will naturally compact with use. To re-plump, tease fibre or add filling.

    Inner cover: Remove filling. Hand wash, cold water, mild detergent. Hang dry only.

    Outer slip: Remove inner and filling. Normal wash and dry.

    Australian Made & Owned
    Our EasyFeed Maternity Pillow and EasyFeed Spare Pillow Covers are proudly made in Australia by us, an Australian owned company, utilising the world class manufacturing and health and safety standards that Australia upholds.

  • Size 80cm wide x 25cm high x 135cm long (each arm)
    Fill Polyester Polyfill
    Inner Cover Polypropylene
    Outer Cover Poly/Cotton
    Country of Manufacture Australia
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