Quilted Pillow Protector - Premium Quilted Fabric Pillow Case

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Quilted Pillow Protector - Premium Quilted Fabric Pillow Case

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  • Pillow Protector - Premium Quilted Pillow Cover

    - Cool and comfortable to sleep on
    - Soft and super absorbent
    - Easy to fit
    - Envelope style closure
    - Quilted one side, cotton material the other
    Proudly Australian Made & Owned
    Our Quilted Pillow Protector is proudly made in Australia by us, an Australian owned company, utilising the world class manufacturing and health and safety standards that Australia upholds.

    Our pillow protectors provide a healthy sleep zone solution for everyone, enhancing your sleeping comfort while protecting you and your pillow
    - Protect your Pillows from moisture stains
    - Edge to edge comfort and warmth
    - Non-allergenic
    - Extra comfort, especially for feather pillows
    - Prolongs pillow life
    - Quilted to stop migration of the filling
    - Protect your Pillow and your Health
    - Premium pillow protectors provide protection for you and your pillow. The super soft and, absorbent pillow protectors are air vapour porous and cool, yet protect you from allergens, dust mites and bacteria. - Your pillow will also be protected from stains.

    Easy to Use
    Simply slip the pillow protector over your pillows. The ease of use and convenient size for transport  makes them ideal for overnight stays away from home. The highly-absorbent pillow protectors provide the superior protection your family needs for a healthy and hygienic sleep.

    Pillow Case Sizes

    Medium Size:
     70cm x 51cm (27.6" x 20")- Fits all Tranquillow small and standard size pilllows.- Complete Sleeprrr range.- Satin Beauty Range.- Naturelle latex low and medium.- Sleep Ezy range. - Family Pillow range. 

    Large Size: 70cm x 56cm (27.6" x 22")- Tranquillow Queen and King Size - Naturelle Latex High

  • Medium Size 70cm x 51cm (27.6" x 20")
    Large Size 70cm x 56cm (27.6" x 22")

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