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Sleepezy 2 Zone Pillow

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  • Our adjustable luxury pillow gives you all the right ‘feels’.


    Our adjustable bed pillow offers dual chambers to create a mild contoured pillow that feels just the way you want it to. High loft or lower loft, you create the pillow to suit your comfort so you get the best pillow for you. With both long and short chambers, you get optimal customisation that works well for a variety of physiques and sleeping positions. And multiple fill options means even more choices--feathers or high-grade polyfill fibre, latex flake or duck down. Experience the difference a luxury pillow can make in your level of comfort and quality of rest.

    Adjustable Dual Zone Multi-fill sleep pillow with ‘inner walls’ prevents uncomfortable bunching up.


    Designed with a high and a low side, you simply select the most supportive and comfortable side for you. And because our deluxe feather pillow or fibre pillow fits any standard pillowcase, you can use it with your existing bedding. The customised down pillow features revolutionary pillow construction with an inner 'wall' separating the two chambers and preventing the 'bunched-up' outcome which typically occurs in conventional single-chamber pillows.

    With an adjustable bed pillow, you create the pillow to suit your comfort needs.


    The right pillow for you can reduce neck, head, and back pain and even reduce snoring. With your choice of fillings, feathers or high-grade polyfill fibre, latex flake or duck down, you get the right cushioning, support and loft you prefer. None of the available fillings are temperature sensitive so this luxury pillow’s softness is not impacted by room temperature like some foam pillows. Daytime sleepiness from insufficient sleep is a major cause of motor vehicle crashes, mistakes at work and even difficulties performing normal daily tasks. Don’t let poor sleep quality impact your life.

    With the best pillow, you get the best night’s rest.


    Our Sleepezy Pillow features anatomically sound positioning and support for your head and neck. Fall asleep faster, sleep longer and more comfortably with the right pillow for you. A good night’s rest makes everything better and is an important component of functioning throughout the day. Good sleep is also a major factor in staying healthy and improving immune function.

    Get total sleeping comfort with our adjustable luxury pillow.


    Sleep plays an important role in your physical health so why not invest in the best pillow. With an adjustable pillow, you get your best pillow and not someone else’s. Convenient zip access lets you access contents and adjust from one chamber to the next. You can even remove some fill and store for later should you want to re-plump your pillow to adjust the loft as your pillow settles.

    Our deluxe feather pillow isn’t too hard or too soft, it’s just right.


    Adjusting your Sleepezy pillow means your pillow will never feel too hard or too soft, but just right. The height and softness of our luxury pillow is dependent upon the volume of filling it holds. We intentional overfill the Sleepezy so that you may adjust the pillow as desired. Sleep is essential for a your health and wellbeing so get the pillow that feels the best.

    This customised down pillow allows you to personalise your pillow just the way you like it.


    Because sleep is particularly important to brain health, establishing and maintaining good habits for restful, effective sleep is critical to your overall health and well being. Get natural spinal alignment and sleep more comfortably with the Sleepezy pillows gentle contour. The contour creates a space to rest your head and keep the alignment needed to take pressure off of any one area of your head, back or neck.

    With a variety of fill choices, this luxury bed pillow feels perfect.


    Our deluxe adjustable sleep pillow is offered with your choice of Polyfil, Feathers, Latex Flake or our luxe Down blend. Easy zip lets you to add, remove or adjust the filling to suit you. Sleep plays an important role in regulating moods and reducing stress so find a pillow that feels great and you’ll feel great too. Get to sleep easier and awake feeling refreshed.

    A dual zone bed pillow means if you like different feels you can have them in one pillow.


    Get the sleep you need and deserve. Our adjustable bed pillow feels great because you can fine tune it to precisely your level of comfort and support. Get the best night’s sleep f your life with the best pillow for you. This dual chamber sleep pillow is the only pillow you’ll ever need.

    With Adjustable Dual Zones & Your Choice of Fills


    Sleep better tonight. Choose a luxury fibre pillow, a deluxe feather pillow, a customised down pillow or a latex flake fill. The Polyfill pillow offers a pleasing loft, soft feel and light yet even support. Our premium goose feathers for are a must for feather pillow fans for the natural feel only feathers provide. Our Latex Flake is 100% pure shaved latex filling. It is a natural fibre that is both sustainable and eco friendly. With our down pillow, you get a premium down filling with a high percentage (80%) of pure down. Down is naturally soft and luxurious with a lighter yet better insulated feel over normal feathers.

    Australian Made & Owned
    Our EasyFeed Maternity Pillow and EasyFeed Spare Pillow Covers are proudly made in Australia by us, an Australian owned company, utilising the world class manufacturing and health and safety standards that Australia upholds.

  • Size Length: 56cm Width: 38cm Height:12cm and 11cm
    Down 80% down/ 20% feather
    Outer Cover Fine Weave 100% Pure Cotton Japara
    Feathers 100% sanitized feathers
    Polyfil 100% polyester
    Latex Flake 100% shaved pure latex
    TGA Listed Yes
    Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods Number No.174455 Device: Pillow
    Country of Manufacture Australian Made
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