Leg Relaxer - Contoured Leg Wedge Support

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Leg Relaxer - Contoured Leg Wedge Comforting Leg Pillow Support

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  • With the cushioned leg support pad you can elevate legs & improve circulation.


    With a contoured leg support pillow, you can comfortably elevate legs and even improve circulation. With contoured support, you can improve circulation and reduce lower back pain with "zero gravity" spinal alignment. As you maintain the natural curve of the lower spine and coccyx, you take pressure off of the lower back and keep ankles and feet above heart level as you recline.

    Let our contoured leg support cushion aid circulation, vascular drainage and reduce swelling.


    When you put the leg elevator bed support to use, you can improve blood circulation issues while resting in comfort. Our Leg Relaxer pillow offers a simple yet effective leg wedge pillow to support your legs in an elevated position. Your entire body can benefit from the improvement in the way your feet, knees, legs, hips and lower back feel after a good night’s sleep. Get the elevating leg rest and put your feet up.

    Get comfortable at last with the leg elevator bed support.


    The right leg elevation support can make a world of difference. With our cushioned leg support pad, you get a comfortable and adjustable wedge that is contoured specially to support and cradle your calves and thighs. Our wedge gradually tapers down for maximum comfort and features a removable wedge so you can adjust the incline to suit you. With cradled comfort, the 'Leg Relaxer' is intended to support and nestle your body while relaxing or sleeping. And for those in rehabilitative care, respite care, nursing homes, hospitals or home care, the leg elevator bed support can be a valuable health aid to improve circulation and vascular drainage.

    Take pressure off of your back with the leg wedge support pillow.


    This carefully designed leg pillow provides even weight distribution and alleviates lower back strain. Use the leg wedge support pillow to minimise the pressure and load on your back. This leg pillow is suggested for those with varicose veins, swollen legs, feet and ankles, phlebitis, leg fatigue and is also valuable during pregnancy and convalescence. Our wedge support cushion for your legs and feet elevates the legs from the hips removing unnecessary pressure from your lower back.

    Our leg elevation pad can help manage blood circulation problems.


    Put the Leg Relaxer - Contoured Leg Wedge Support to use elevating your legs for enhanced circulation. Conversely, this leg elevation pad may reduce lower back pain, improve circulation and swollen feet or legs. Get a better rest with this advanced foam leg support pillow. Leg elevation is highly recommended by a variety of health care professionals for increasing blood circulation and offering relief from conditions like leg cramping, lower back pain, and muscle spasms.

    Improve the way your feet, knees, legs, hips and lower back feels.


    With our contoured leg support cushion, you are more likely to maintain the recommended pelvic tilt position that may ease recurrent back pain and stress on the lower spine. The right support can eliminate pressure points through more even weight distribution which likewise reduces lower back strain, tension and pressure on the sciatic nerves. With a graduated incline, this leg elevator feels great.

    Get better support with the leg elevator bed support.

    The contoured leg elevation pillow wedge is designed to fit the natural curves of your body and legs, cradling you in comfort. It helps to alleviate back and leg pain by raising your legs. Getting your legs elevated reduces pressure on blood flow to your legs, thus reducing the pressure on your heart.

    Our leg support cushion offers relief for aching, tired legs and even swelling.

    Soothe achy, tired legs and feet with our leg wedge support pillow.


    Get the relief for aching tired legs, cramping legs and sore feet with our leg wedge support cushion. Reduces leg cramps, lower back pain and uncomfortable pressure points. The right support pillow can even reduce the discomfort varicose veins and promote better circulation. This foam leg support pillow is very effective in easing the pain associated with peripheral neuropathy in both legs and feet. Your legs can feel 'refreshed' with less pain when getting out of bed in the morning.

    A removable inner wedge allows you to customize this cushioned leg support pad.


    With the removable inner core, you can adjust the incline on this angled bed wedge to give you the right cushioned support. Additionally, our bed wedge features a soft, removable padded zipped cover that is hand washable and will protect your leg wedge. Likewise, you can purchase a tailored cotton blend slip in either the Quilted Cover or a removable Steri-Plus cover designed to inhibit moisture and bacterial growth.

    Cradle your legs in comfort with our leg wedge pillow.


    Are you or do you know a Mother-to-be who is having a hard time getting comfortable or dealing with the swollen uncomfortable legs and feet that sometimes accompany pregnancy? The leg wedge pillow is a thoughtful gift for the mother-to-be. This practical and sleep friendly leg elevator cushion creates a moderate incline to ease back pain and improve circulation. And its contoured, graduated shape provides full support for your legs.
  • TGA Listed Yes
    Aust. Register of Therapeutic Goods No. 1744454 Cushion, Leg
    Height 18cm
    Length 71cm
    Width 44.5cm
    Inner All-new 100% open cell 'breathing' urethane foam.
    Steri-Plus Outer Cover Moisture and bacteria-resistant polyurethane ply bonded to a knitted polyester backing.
    Quilted Cover Cotton with polyester wadding
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