Memory Foam Mattress Topper - Supportive Comfort Mattress Pad

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Memory Foam Mattress Topper - Pressure Diffusing Mattress Pad

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  • Our pressure diffusing Memory Foam Mattress Topper adds the comfort of Australian made Memory Foam without the expense of acquiring a new mattress

    With our Australian made Memory Foam Mattress Topper, you can experience the luxury and deep, restorative sleep without the expense of purchasing a new mattress. The five centimeter thick visco elastic Memory Foam Mattress Topper is available in standard Single Bed, King Single Bed, Double Bed, Queen Bed and King Bed sizes so you can benefit from the perpetual support and comfort of a Memory Foam mattress. 

    100% Australian Made - Our Australian made Memory Foam Mattress toppers are completely designed and produced in Australia by Pillows Australia

    Superior Australian made Memory Foam reduces the natural motion of body weight transfer, meaning you won’t wake up every time your partner shifts or gets out of your bed

    If you sleep with a partner you know how disruptive it can be at times when they wake or have a hard time getting to sleep comfortably. Memory Foam reduces motion transfer across the bed, meaning you are more likely to sleep through their body movements rather than being awoken from your partner tossing and turning. Say goodbye to restless nights with the Australian made Memory Foam Mattress Topper. 

    The unique properties of a premium Memory Foam mattress pad lets you sink in to bed without your mattress sagging

    Memory Foam dynamically supports your body giving you a better night’s rest.

    The visco elastic Memory Foam contours to your body shape and actively diffuses pressure points. This can reduce shifting during the night and minimise stiffness and soreness upon waking. The Memory Foam Mattress Topper can help keep you stay cooler and more comfortable for longer, with the Memory Foams inherent breath-ability. Finally, a Memory Foam Mattress Topper will reduce motion transfer helping you and your partner both sleep better. Even the tossing and turning that is so common during pregnancy is significantly reduced as your body is better supported throughout the night. 

    Memory Foam is temperature sensitive responding to your body’s warmth to adjust support and softness right where you need it

    Our premium Memory Foam Mattress Topper disperses pressure and supports the body in perfect balance for a near-weightless comfort and pressure-free support. The temperature-sensitive Memory Foam conforms to your body reducing pain causing pressure points and self adjusts to give you optimal support and softness for a deep and restful sleep experience.

    Memory Foam bedding can help you have the best sleep of your life

    As is too often the case, poor sleep negatively affects the comfort and quality life for people the world over. Proper sleep has a significantly positive impact on our health and wellbeing. Even our natural ability to withstand and fight off disease and to manage stress are dramatically affected by the quality of sleep we experience. Our premium visco-elastic Memory Foam mattress pad has been carefully designed to offer you the therapeutic comfort your body deserves to experience the restorative qualities of a good night’s rest. Experience the best nights sleep you'll ever have with our superior quality visco elastic Memory Foam Mattress Topper.

    The Memory Foam Mattress Topper reduces pain & pressure points helping you wake refreshed & pain free

    The temperature-sensitive qualities of our unique Memory Foam conforms to your shape, cushioning your body’s load and reducing painful pressure throughout your body by redistributing weight away from high load areas such as shoulders, buttocks, hips and heels. No matter what your preferred sleeping position, our Memory Foam Mattress Topper will increase your comfort and help you sleep better for longer waking less through the night.

    A Memory Foam Mattress Topper can prolong the life of your mattress & add comfort to any uncomfortably firm or less supportive mattresses that you may already use

    Superior Australian Made Memory Foam gives you the best balance of support and softness. The complex molecular structure of our Memory Foam Mattress Topper means your bed will feel slightly firm when you first lie on it but it quickly and gently softens to your shape as your body warms it. The dynamic balance between pressure support and comforting softness allows you to sink into your bed without it sagging.

    You sleep on it every single night, so why would you settle for a cheap inferior mattress topper? Our premium Australian made Memory Foam Mattress Topper gives your body the comfort and support it deserves for the best sleep possible

    Despite what you may have heard, Mattress Toppers are not all the same! Our Australian made, superior Memory Foam makes all of the difference.

    Memory Foam mattress toppers and other variants of mattress pads come in a wide variety of materials, quality and comfort. The cheap egg carton shaped overlays consist of low-grade low-density foam that is thin, lacking in the density thickness needed to offer support. These cheap foam toppers compress and bottom out quickly making them deteriorate over a matter of months, becoming a waste of money at any price. Our Mattress Topper in Memory Foam has a high density thickness of premium Australian made foam that offers soft and long-lasting support. Our Memory Foam Mattress Topper completely moulds to the contours of your body, as it maintains its shape and quickly rebounds so that you can continue to get the same level of support and comfort for years to come.

    For even greater supportive Memory Foam sleeping comfort, pair our Memory Foam Mattress Topper with our most popular pillow, the Complete Sleeprrr Original Memory Foam Pillow

    The right foam mattress topper can help you get comfortable so you can sleep better

    Get comfortable and sleep better with the right Memory Foam mattress topper. There are dynamic benefits that range from a restorative sleep including fewer aches and pains, to a less-disrupted sleep from the weight transferal mattress movement mitigation of the Memory Foam. Poor sleep can be detrimental to your heath in a variety of ways. Poor sleep quality is linked to higher rates of illness and depression and can reduce your body’s capacity for natural healing. Give yourself the opportunity to have the best sleep possible by making your mattress both comfortable and supportive with the Australian made Memory Foam Mattress Topper.

    Memory Foam Mattress Topper Size Dimensions

    Single: 185 x 89 x 5cm
    King Single: 203 x 107 x 5cm
    Double: 185 x 133 x 5cm
    Queen: 197 x 148 x 5cm
    King: 203 x 183 x 5cm

    Contents and Care

    Memory Foam: All new visco-elastic foam. Thickness: 5cm (2").

    Memory Foam: Spot clean using sponge and warm water, mild detergent. Fully immersed washing not recommended due to extensive drying time required.  Dab dry with towel, lie flat in a warm area away from direct sunlight. Do not machine wash. Do not tumble dry.

    Foam Discoloration: Any discoloration of foam through exposure to natural light will not affect performance or foam longevity.

    For the best mattress care and hypoallergenic healthy sleeping comfort, use our Memory Foam Mattress Topper with our Natural Bedding Protectors.

    Returns Policy

    Pillows Australia will not accept any returns with tears or abrasions (including pinch marks) to the foam caused by mishandling by the purchaser such as using unnecessary force to pull Memory Mattress Topper out of its packaging. Pillows Australia will not accept any returns based on any 'bottoming out' of foam based on usage over any given time frame.

    For any credits, returned must be received at point of purchase, freight pre-paid, and in the original packaging, accompanied by a sales receipt. At that point the request will be examined.

    Australian Made & Owned
    Our EasyFeed Maternity Pillow and EasyFeed Spare Pillow Covers are proudly made in Australia by us, an Australian owned company, utilising the world class manufacturing and health and safety standards that Australia upholds.

  • King Size 200cm x 185cm x 5cm
    Queen Size 200cm x 150cm x 5cm
    Double Size 185cm x 135cm x 5cm
    King Single Size 200cm x 107cm x 5cm
    Single Size 185 x 90 x 5cm
    Contents All new visco-elastic Memory Foam, 5cm (2") Diameter Thick
    Foam 100% Australian made open cell visco elastic memory foam
    Country of Manufacture Australian Made
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