Memory Foam Cooling Gel Seat Cushion


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MemoGel Chair Cushion - Cooling Gel Memory Foam Seat Cushion

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  • A memory foam ergonomic seat cushion provides relief from the pressure of sitting.

    While it might seem like sitting is the easiest thing you could do, it can really take a toll on your body. Our ergonomic seat cushion can take the pain out of sitting and make you sit better and more comfortably. Our MemoGel seat cushion is constructed of a highly resilient, quality memory foam with an embedded layer of cooling, supportive Gel. Our design combines the critical elements any quality seat pad needs: comfort, support and durability. Its size, shape and construction allow it to dissipate pressure more effectively while gently conforming to your body’s contours. It is firm enough to offer effective support but it is pliant enough to lend a soft cushioning to any seat. It can be used at home, at the office, in the car, on a plane, wherever you want to sit more comfortably. It is designed to help you combat many of the issues that can arise when you sit for extended periods of time: back pain, numb bum, hip pain, leg discomfort and a host of other issues associated with prolonged sitting.

    Ride or drive longer with the car comfort seat pad.

    Don’t let road trips throw you off. Our comfort seat pad makes long trips in the car much more pleasant helping you and your passengers feel better by dissipating pressure effectively while conforming to body contours to create a responsive cushioned layer between you and firmer less comfortable seating.

    Enjoy the cooling comfort of our gel memory foam seat pad.

    Sometimes sitting can create conditions where you can overheat. With the cooling comfort of gel memory foam, you can stay cool without being cold. Don’t let overheating get in the way of your comfort.

    Make any chair more comfortable with the orthopedic seat pad.

    Our superior memory foam seat cushion is Gel infused for even more relaxing comfort. And this orthopedic seat pad is portable making it easy to take with you wherever you find yourself sitting. Use it in the car, at the office the office, or make your favorite chair at home feel even better. Our dual MemoGel seat cushion provides postural support for nearly all types of seats.

    Get the comfort you long for with the orthopedic chair seat pad.

    Whether you long to be ‘on the road again’ or just get through a work day minus the discomfort of sitting, the Memo-Gel seat cushion is for you. At home, at work or on the road, we offer you the most comfortable seat around. Planning an epic road trip? Want to catch the big game from the bleachers? Putting in long hours at work? Enjoy complete comfort with our orthopedic seat cushion. The secret is the special gel-infused therapeutic foam core that provides effective posture support and pressure relief and it may help you stay cooler longer.

    The memory gel seat pad offers a good balance of comfort & support.

    What can the MemoGel cooling seat pad do for you? Enjoy comfort even when seated for extended periods of time. Stay supported and cool with a generous layer of soft, supporting liquid gel enclosed within high density memory foam to conform to your shape and offer you ultra customised comfort.

    Our deluxe gel memory foam seat cushion offers reduced pain & discomfort.

    With a breathable mesh fabric on one side and velvet on the other, you get to choose your level of comfort. To maximise the benefits of the cooling Gel, we created a mesh cover on one side of the product. The flip side of this quality comfort seat pad is an easy to care for polyester velvet which offers a warmer experience for those who want it. With two state of the art seat pad materials and quality construction, you can finally get comfortable and sit with ease.

    Our car comfort seat pad makes long car trips much more comfy.

    Does just the thought of a long car trip make your bum and back hurt? This effective memory foam/gel cushion will enhance the comfort of any seat it’s used with. Do you get tired and sore sitting in the same office chair all day long? Upgrade your uncomfortable office chair with this memory foam gel cushion and sit like a king. Easy to move to whatever seat you sit in and light enough to carry with you making it ultra portable. With its compact shape but ample support, this memory foam gel cushion adds the comfort of memory foam with the support and pressure diffusing benefits of Gel.

    The memory gel seat pad offers dual surfaces for 2 levels of comfort.

    With a combination of luxe, moulding memory foam that conforms to your shape to provide you with custom support and the temperature regulating feel of the gel cushioned layer, you get the combined benefits of two effective seat pad materials. With alternate sides, you can opt for the moulding comfort of  memory foam or cooling, cushioned feel of Gel. Don’t sit on a flat , hard surface another moment when the cushioned comfort of MemoGel seating can be yours.

    With memory foam, our ergonomic seat cushion makes every seat feel better.

    Who wouldn’t want comfort and support wherever they sit? With our ergonomic seat cushion, every seat can be the best seat in the house. With the feel of sueded velvet the seat cushion’s outer covering feels soft and can enhance your seating experience whether you want to lounge on the couch, sit at your office chair, catch the big game in person, travel in the car, or nearly anywhere else.
  • Size 40cm width x 40cm depth x 5cm high
    Outer cover Suede Feel 100% Polyester
    Inner Visco Elastic Memory Foam with Silica Gel Pad.
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