Memory Foam Cooling Gel Classic Pillow


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MemoGel Classic Pillow - Cool Gel Feel Classic (non contour) Shape

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  • Long-lasting supportive Premium Memory Foam

    The highest quality materials are used in making the Memory Foam Cooling Gel Classic Pillow a perfect choice for supplementing healthy sleeping habits with the soft comfort of Memory Foam and cooling body temperature regulation with Cooling Gel. The Memory Foam is highly durable as it is designed to maintain its soft feel and neck supporting structure for many years.

    Non-toxic Silica based Cooling Gel for temperature regulation and cooling relief

    The Cooling Gel is made from high grade non-toxic silica, which itself is made from naturally occurring minerals. Silicon Dioxide condensed into a gel layer becomes an efficient thermal conductor. When used on the top layer of a pillow, the silica gel effectively absorbs excess body heat emitted from human use, dispersing the heat away from the users head. This process of Thermal Conduction provides the pillow user with cooling relief whilst sleeping, maintaining an optimal body temperature for sleeping conditions.

    The perfect option for a non-contour pillow

    Whilst the contoured pillows are highly regarded as the best in providing neck and spinal support for sleeping, many individuals prefer the shape and feel of a non-contoured pillow. With that in mind we have used premium Memory Foam and non-toxic silica gel in designing the ideal flat faced non-contour pillow to suit the needs of those who are uncomfortable using a contour pillow.

    2 Sides to sleep on - One side Cooling Gel, one side non Cooling Gel

    The Memory Foam Cooling Gel Classic Pillow can be used in two different ways. The upper face of the pillow contains the silica Cooling Gel layer where thermal conduction provides cooling relief during sleep. The other face of the pillow is purely Memory Foam, allowing the user to choose whether or not they wish to use the Cooling Gel in any given situation. 

    Complete Viscoelastic Memory Foam

    Utilised for its soft feel and supportive structural qualities, Memory Foam pillows are the most preferred pillows of health professionals the world over. Combined with non-toxic silica Cooling Gel, the Memory Foam Cooling Gel Classic Pillow is the optimal synthesis of Memory Foam soft support and Cooling Gel cooling relief.
  • Inner Foam 100% Visco Elastic Polyurethane Foam
    Outer Cover 100% Polyester Cover
    Height 11cm high
    Depth 40 cm
    Width 60cm wide
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