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MemoGel Contour Pillow

  • Description
  • Specifications
  • Contoured Memory Foam pillow with built in Cooling Gel layer designed for optimum comfort while you sleep

    The MemoGel surface is a simple, comfortable and safe way to get a better sleep throughout the night. Working on the principle of conductivity, warmth is transferred from the neck and head into the Cooling Gel, where it is then dispersed. The Cooling Gel layer absorbs body heat and through natural evaporation, dissipates heat into the air from sections of the pillow where your head is not resting on.

    - The MemoGel Contour Pillow cradles the neck and provides head support with contoured Memory Foam 

    - The built in Cooling Gel layer and contoured MemoGel pillow helps your body maintain a comfortable cooler temperature whilst sleeping 

    - The contour design gives your neck the proper support it needs by aligning your spine in the optimum position for a comfortable rest 

    - A cooler sleep improves your rest and regeneration, enhancing your ability to function at your best. 

    - Rather than making you sleep on a cold surface, the MemoGel pillow absorbs excess heat through the gel surface and into the pillow 

    - The MemoGel Memory Foam pillow is made from a high density visco elastic foam with an adhered layer of non-toxic silica gel. 

    - This pillow is quite firm in its structure. If you're looking for a softer pillow we recommend the MemoGel Curve Memory Foam pillow as an alternative.


  • Profile Low
    Size Medium
    Filling Gel Memory Foam
    Accessory Overslip / Polyester / White
    Dimensions 59 x 36 x 10 cm

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