Contoured Back Support - Full Size Lumbar Back Support Cushion

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Contoured Back Support - Multiple Sizes

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  • The contoured back support is perfect for use in the car.

    The perfect backrest support if you spend long periods of time in the car. Whether you are a driver or passenger, long car trips can be hard on your back. With the contoured back support, you can ride in comfort wherever you go. With this classic full back support, you get a full length back support with no part of your back left unsupported. With our ergonomically designed contoured back support, you can sit in comfort wherever you are--the office, home, or your vehicle.

    With our full size back support pad, you get back comfort anywhere you sit.

    Constant back pain makes everything harder and can even be hard on your mood. Our contoured back support provides complete back support helping to stabilize and support your lower back, lumbar area, mid back and upper back for total comfort. Contoured to hug your back and maintain your spine's natural curve, this full back support helps maintain the correct alignment that reduces back pain and strain. With excellent lumbar support, most users find that lower back pain is relieved or significantly diminished.

    Our full back support pad is offered in 3 sizes to offer you an individualised fit.

    Offered in three sizes so that you get the fit and feel that works best for you, this full back support pad offers you the lasting comfort you have been looking for. Our home health care aid has been engineered to offer stability on any seat or couch—so every seat you use gets an upgrade. Covered in an easy care attractive fabric and carved from heavy-duty traditional foam our full size back support pad is both well made and economically priced for a real value in a must have back support.

    The total back comfort pad provides support for your lower & upper back.

    Our total back comfort pad is designed to give you relief right where you need it. Often back pain originates from a lack of adequate support of the lower lumbar region and the upper back. Many chair pads and back supports target one without the other often shifting the stress and load from one area to another rather than remedying the pain. Our Contoured back support supports the whole back making it even more effective in reducing back pain. Feel better faster!

    With a full size back support pad you get better posture and correct spinal alignment.

    Say goodbye to back pain. With our full size back support pad, no area of your back is left unsupported. Our support chair cushion provides cushioned comfort for your lower, mid and upper back. This contoured back support assists in the relief of back pain in part by promoting better posture and correct spinal alignment.

    With heavy duty foam, this full back support pad won’t lose its support.

    Other back supports or pillows got you down? Our full size back support pad is carved from ultra supportive traditional foam. While it still offers cushioning, this full back pad is firm enough to withstand the body’s constant load without compressing. Cheaper, lower quality chair pads lose support quickly meaning they must be replaced far too quickly. Our quality, heavy duty foam offers you the lasting support you need and quality workmanship and value. Treat your back to the full back support pad.

    Our contoured back support can offer stability on any seat or couch.

    Sit more comfortably nearly anywhere. With the total back comfort pad every seat you sit in gets an upgrade. Relax on your sofa with greater support, add a whole other level of comfort to your office chair and make driving or riding in the car a luxury rather than a pain in the back. Ride in the car longer without discomfort, watch your favorite television programs without the unpleasant distraction of your back acting up.

    The total back support pad is designed for individuals with back pain, illness or disability.

    Don’t be content to be less than comfortable. If you suffer from pain, illness or disability that makes sitting uncomfortable, the right back support could make a world of difference in your comfort level. Don’t let back pain diminish the quality of your life. Our total back support is offered in three sizes to make it easy to find the best fit for you and your needs.


    • Small: for people 122 cm to 158 cm
    • Medium: for people 159 cm to 186 cm (90% use Medium)
    • Large: for people 187 cm to 200 cm

    Find comfort and back pain relief with the contoured back support.

    Get the cushioned comfort you deserve. When your back hurts, everything hurts. Don’t suffer another day when the right home health aid or supportive back cushion can make such a difference. Get the comfort you deserve and relief from your aching back with our effective contoured back support and make every day count.

    The  total back comfort pad is contoured to form to your back.

    You don’t have to live with constant back pain. Contoured to mould to your form, our back support pad feels secure and cushioned. You can settle in and get comfortable in a way that is challenging with conventional seating. Upgrade every seat you sit in with total back comfort. Get your back feeling good and get back to your life.

    Australian Made & Owned
    Our EasyFeed Maternity Pillow and EasyFeed Spare Pillow Covers are proudly made in Australia by us, an Australian owned company, utilising the world class manufacturing and health and safety standards that Australia upholds.

  • TGA Listed Yes
    Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods Number No. 174460 Device: Cushion, lumbar
    Small 42cm wide x 7cm long x 51cm high
    Medium 42cm wide x 10cm long x 56cm high
    Large 42cm wide x 10.5cm long x 56cm high
    Inner 100% open cell 'breathing' urethane foam
    Dura-Fab Outer Cover Woven polyester. It is a super-soft easy-clean washable fabric.
    Country of Manufacture Australia
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