Complete Sleeprrr Gel Infused Adjustable Memory Foam Pillow


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Complete Sleeprrr Gel Infused Adjustable Memory Foam Pillow - Extra Soft Version

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  • The Gel Infused Adjustable Memory Foam Pillow Gel stays cooler than conventional memory foams.

    Because memory foams conform to your body, they can often warm quickly and cause some sleepers to overheat. Some people love the support and cushioning of memory foam pillows yet become warmer than is comfortable. With our gel infused memory foam pillow, it still warms to your body and moulds to your form but because it is a firmer style memory foam, it conforms less closely to your head, neck and shoulders to offer additional cooling and comfort. With less overheating and waking throughout the night, you will get a better, restorative sleep. So you still get the benefits of memory foam in a cooler, more comfortable sleep pillow.

    The adjustable cooling pillow keeps you cool & comfortable for your best night’s rest.

    Whatever the cause, when you overheat, you wake more often and can often find it difficult to get comfortable and get back to sleep. This disturbs the quality of your rest. The Complete Sleeprrr Gel infused blue pillow offers a firmer foam pillow that is close to the firmness of our Complete Sleeprrr Plus but with the added cooling effect of our cooling gel. A cooler night’s sleep with the contoured gel pillow means you sleep better and longer. With a heat dispersing, cooler surface, you can get more from the hours you spend in bed with a quality memory foam cooling sleep pillow. Don’t suffer through a poor night’s sleep even one more night when it has never been easier to find your perfect pillow.

    Our memory foam gel pillow comes recommended by Australian health professionals

    Experience the pillow that starts cool, sleeps cool and stays cool all night long. Most help professionals recommend side sleeping as the healthiest sleep posture but not everyone is comfortable on their sides. A contoured pillow can make side sleeping significantly more comfortable by creating the ideal space to fit your shoulder into and keeping your head and neck properly aligned. Get the therapeutic support you deserve and sleep better tonight. The adjustable cooling pillow conforms to body contours providing personalized comfort and a great night’s sleep. Don’t toss and turn another night when you can rest easy with a cooling gel pillow that helps you get comfortable and stay comfortable. Premium memory foam helps evenly distributes your body and head’s weight for improved circulation that eliminates sensitive pressure points.

    Sleep with the cooling sleep pillow that limits painful pressure points & hot spots.

    This innovative gel-infused memory foam pillow brings together quality comfort, proper head and neck support and a cool, comfortable sleep temperature. Our Complete Sleeprrr Gel Infused Adjustable Memory Foam Pillow reduces painful pressure points by dispersing pressure evenly and our gel infused memory foam pillow won’t sag or lose its shape. This pillow starts out supportive and stays supportive. Cradle your neck in the comfort of temperature adjusting memory foam while the shape of this pillow supports you it the way nature intended. The orthopedically sound design gently supports your shoulder area instead of pushing against it allowing you to get deeper into the pillow for more all-embracing neck and shoulder support.

    No more too high, too low, too hard or too soft sleeping pillows, finally just right.

    With easy to remove/adjust inserts, this adjustable cooling pillow gives you options to change its shape & height for your comfort. Our memory foam pillow’s layered design means you get a surface layer of cooling memory foam that gently conforms to fit the individual shape of your head, neck, even your ear for cool comfort all through the night. The internal layers provides added support for the neck area, assuring appropriate sleep posture without creating a too firm feel to this cooling sleep pillow. Get cool and comfortable, stay cool and comfortable.

    This memory foam gel pillow features a therapeutic design intended to maximise comfort, reduce snoring and support your head and neck.

    Don’t settle for a cheap, unsupportive pillow when you spend over 50 hours each week with it.  Some things are truly a luxury but a high quality supportive pillow is not one of them. Spend a few more dollars to assure quality sleep and health. The memory foam gel pillow has a number of benefits: an orthopedically minded shape that supports the natural curve of your neck, spine, head and shoulders, a contoured form that can reduce snoring and other sinus-related problems that can disturb sleep and a cooling gel that will help you maintain an optimal temperature and reduce overheating and the waking that usually goes with it.

    Our memory foam pillow offers the right balance of support and softness to keep you comfortable throughout the night.

    This Orthopedic gel infused gently cooling sleep pillow conforms to you giving you the responsive, individual support you want. With an ergonomic form designed to reduce uncomfortable pressure points and align your neck and spine, you can rest easy in a comfortable position most conducive to recharging, restful sleep. With a higher loft on one side and a lower on the other, our gel infused gently cooling sleep pillow allows you to select which side feels most comfortable. Our quality, Australian made cool gel infused memory foam never loses its shape, eliminating the need to readjust or fluff your pillow over the night.

    Stay cool throughout the night with our Gel Infused Memory Foam Pillow.

    Wake up each morning feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. This cooling sleep pillow has gel infused visco elastic foam that responds to your body's warmth for effective support through the responsive moulding process. Your body’s natural warmth helps mould the pillow to your form and preferred sleep position and then the pillow’s unique gel helps keep your temperature at a comfortable point throughout the night. This can significantly reduce the overheating, tossing and turning that can disrupt your sleep.
  • TGA Listed Yes
    Aust. Register of Therapeutic Goods Number No.174455 Device: Pillow
    Size 38cm wide x 52cm long x 14cm & 12cm high
    Foam 100% Australian made Visco Elastic Cell with Silica Gel Immersion
    Manufactured Made in Australia
    Cover Open Weave Polyester.
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