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EasyBreather - Sleep Apnea Pillow - Designed for use with CPAP mask

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  • This pillow for sleep apnea uses visco elastic memory foam for luxurious comfort.


    With the contoured memory foam sleep apnea pillow, you can get the best nights sleep of your life, even while adjusting to a CPAP mask and apparatus to manage your sleep apnea. aides in the prevention of mask leaks and sore spots. This pillow is designed to help side sleepers wear a mask comfortably with less leakage or discomfort. Our pillow helps elevate and position the head so that the mask extends over the edge of the pillow, instead of pressing into it. Get comfortable, fall sleep faster, sleep more comfortably and wake less.

    With our sleep apnea pillow you get luxurious comfort and easier breathing.


    With the Australian Made Easy Breather Sleep Apnea pillow you get the cushioned comfort you need to get comfortable with or without a sleep apnea mask. If you need to sleep with the sleep apnea mask, you know how challenging it can be to find a position that is comfortable so you can fall asleep and stay asleep. This luxurious, ultra comfortable Australian made memory foam pillow has been specifically designed to encourage easier breathing. Our quality sleep apnea pillow also features a scalloped area to allow unobstructed airflow to nose and mouth.

    The contoured memory foam pillow alleviates mask and nozzle pressure to face. 


    Don’t sacrifice comfort or quality rest. Pressure-diffusing memory foam offers a great material to alleviate the pressure a sleep apnea mask and nozzle can cause around your face. The design of this memory foam pillow helps to free up the air hose, improve airway alignment and keep your CPAP mask in place. 

    Our Sleep apnea pillow is made in Australia for quality you can trust.


    Australian made visco elastic memory foam feels great and tis memory foam pillow is specifically contoured to accommodate a sleep apnea mask meaning you get the pillow shape you need with the luxurious comfort of memory foam. You have to feel it to believe it—this pillow pairs super-soft luxury grade Memory foam with a base of premium-grade traditional foam to assure effective support, cushioning and pressure dispersion. Sleep better with the perfect balance of comfort and support.

    Minimise the discomfort of CPAP with a comfortable Sleep Apnea pillow.

    Getting comfortable with your sleep apnea mask just got easier with our comfort minded pillow. This quality memory foam pillow has been treated to resist bacterial growth and inhibit dust mites. This further adds to easy breathing by inhibiting other factors that can disrupt sleep. Prevent mask leaks and sore spots. This also means you benefit from clear, clean air for quality sleep with or without your CPAP sleep apnea breathing mask.

    Use the easy breathing memory foam pillow side sleeping or back sleeping.


    Our sleep apnea pillow is suitable for either a side sleeping position or a back sleeping position.  For ultimate comfort, we recommend moving the pillow a few degrees off the rectangular positioning your chin more into the contour. Many testers and users found this position very comfortable. Use your easy breathing memory foam pillow and soon you will find the position that works best for your shape and comfort needs. In fact, on your first few nights, your Eazy Breather pillow may feel quite firm. Yet over the course of a few nights, your pillow will soft to your shape and use and become even more comfortable while still retaining adequate support.

    Our contoured memory foam pillow fits your regular pillow case.


    Our contoured sleep pillow fits your regular pillow case so there is no need to buy extras like custom fit covers. And our sleep apnea pillow facilitates an unimpeded breathing environment for increased air flow. Additionally, the right pillow can encourage better sleep posture helping you feel better and refreshed upon awakening. Our easy breathing memory foam pillow is suitable for both back sleepers and side sleepers. And this pillow features a stretch cover which allows your head and neck to settle comfortable without any bunching around your face. 

    Let our sleep apnea pillow help you sleep better.


    The adjustment process for each patient starting CPAP therapy for sleep apnea is unique. Let our Contoured memory foam sleep apnea pillow help you adjust to your device faster sleep better and more comfortably with or without your CPAP sleep apnea mask. With a comfortable CPAP bed pillow you can make the most of your sleep getting comfortable and to sleep more quickly and reaping the benefits of the CPAPs therapy while you sleep thus reducing the unpleasant symptoms and fatigue of sleep apnea.

    Sleep more comfortably with the CPAP Sleep Apnea pillow.


    The EazyBreather sleep apnea pillow offers a contoured memory foam pillow that can increase your comfort even while adjusting to a CPAP machine. Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) therapy is a common treatment for obstructive sleep apnea. Common problems with CPAP include trouble falling asleep because many people have trouble getting used to them or getting comfortable enough to fall asleep. The right CPAP Sleep Apnea pillow can help you get adjusted to your CPAP face mask faster so that you can sleep well and enjoy the benefits of quality rest.

    Our easy breathing memory foam pillow improves airway alignment & keeps mask in place.  


    While a CPAP machine is designed to help manage and treat sleep apnea, often the mask and hose can be so uncomfortable that your sleep actually suffers. With our easy breathing memory foam pillow, you get improved airway alignment and your CPAP mask stays in place better.
  • Size 12cm high under neck tapering down to 6cm at them back of the pillow. Pillow is 42cm under the neck
    Foam All new Australian made visco elastic memory foam especially treated to inhibit allergens.
    Manufactured Made in Australia
    Cover Open weave soft cotton. Removable.
    TGA Listed Yes
    Aust. Register of Therapeutic Goods No.174455 Device: Pillow
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