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Bottoms Up

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  • A sculptured children's foam seat cushion that allows children to sit at the table.

    It can be hard to be a little kid in a big people world. Chairs and seats are all designed with someone bigger in mind. So the right kids booster seat can make a world of difference as your young one comes of age. For those kids too big for a high chair but too small for an adult sized dining chair, this foam sculpted booster seat is a must have. And sitting at the right height at tables isn’t just more pleasant for you and them, it encourages a variety of healthy habits. Kids love to see what’s going on around them too. So stack this kids booster seat pad on nearly any chair to provide them the boost they need to enjoy their meal. Likewise, when you provide your little guys with the seating height that's just right for their size, you can even prevent many accidental spills and messes!

    Our kid's booster seat cushion is good for kids.

    Because our kids booster seat cushion is therapeutically designed to promote good posture, it can discourages slouching and keep kid seated more upright. As it is ergonomically angled to lend a slight pelvic tilt, our kids seat pad encourages proper spinal alignment. Our children’s elevating seat pad is offered in two sizes and contoured for secure, comfortable fit. And because our kid’s booster seat cushion wipes clean, you can use it for every meal including those outside of your home like at friends and family’s homes or restaurants.

    A kids foam seat booster in quality 'leather feel' vinyl that wipes clean.

    Are you tired of the sticky, gunky, germy restaurant booster seats? Why not bring your own? Our kids foam booster cushion is soft and offers those little kids with their squirmy and wandering the perfect seat at the table until they’re ready to go it alone. Ideal for meals, homework, crafts or any activities at the table or even a softer seat on cold, hard floors. It is water resistant, portable, slip-resistant and easy to care for so you can use it for all your children as they grow.

    Our small memory foam seat pad helps promote good posture and discourage slouching.

    The Bottoms Up, child's booster seat offers a body-shaped children's booster seat that helps children to 'sit-tall' and be level with the dining table so they can see what they're eating and learn manners and good habits more easily. Designed to promote good posture and discourage slouching and contoured for comfort, this kids booster seat is a must have for growing families.

    Our easy clean kids booster seat pad makes family meals come together easier.

    Maybe you want your family to adopt the daily custom of coming together at the table for a meal. Perhaps you want to help your children learn good habits by modeling them through family dinners. Maybe you have a child that has outgrown a high chair, yet still doesn’t fit into an adult sized chair. Maybe you have a roamer and want a snugger seat to encourage him or her to remain at the table. Whatever the reason, the Bottoms Up - Booster seat cushion for children allows children to sit up, see better and be a part of the meal routine and conversation. The booster seat also works great during homework time.

    Too big for a highchair, too small for a chair?

    Then the children’s foam seat cushion will be ‘just right’. Your child will love the boost they get from the Bottoms Up, child's booster seat whether they are at the dinner table, the craft table, doing homework, in  movie theater seating, restaurants and more! It’s a comfortable, stay-put, take anywhere, wipe clean booster for the kid crowd! Our easy clean kids booster seat pad is a must have for busy families.

    Our kids booster seat cushion makes dining out easier on your family.

    Some restaurants don’t have boosters or special seats for children. Others have them but they are a sight with sticky, remnant food, mystery splotches and hidden germs. With our kids booster seat, dining out with children can be easier and more pleasant. Our booster features an ample surface that accommodates many different children's sizes.

    The kid's foam seat booster offered in two sizes to get a custom fit.

    Comes in 2 Sizes and features a formed seat for a secure and comfortable feel. Our booster cushion is great at home or on the go. The small is best for younger, smaller children and the medium most often works best for children ages 3 and up.

    Our kid's booster seat is easy to clean & made to be passed down from child to child.

    Soft yet grippy to keep your toddler from slipping and sliding and yet smooth so you can quickly wipe this booster seat clean. This one kid accessory is so helpful at meals, which happen multiple time each day, that you will find yourself using it every day. Yet it is so durable that you can pass this kids booster seat pad down from one child to the next.

    The small foam seat pad helps kids sit up straight!

    It isn’t easy being small in a big world where it can sometimes feel like nothing is sized right for you. But with the Bottoms Up, child's booster seat, your kids can sit up straight and see what’s going on around them. And take this kids seat pad to the movies and your kids will feel like they have the best seat in the house!

    Australian Made & Owned
    Our EasyFeed Maternity Pillow and EasyFeed Spare Pillow Covers are proudly made in Australia by us, an Australian owned company, utilising the world class manufacturing and health and safety standards that Australia upholds.

  • Country of Manufacture Australia
    Size Child
    Filling Traditional Foam
    Accessory Cover / Vinyl / Grey
    Dimensions 37 x 36 x 10 cm

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