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Pregnancy Support Wedge

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  • Get a better night’s rest with our maternity support pillow.


    Our safe and supportive maternity pillow wedge  helps you sleep peacefully even during pregnancy. Cushion your baby bump as sleep positioning gets more challenging as you near your final trimester. The memory foam offers both comfort and support in a foam that is firm enough to support any mother, yet soft enough to provide a soothing, cushioned surface. Our pregnancy pillow is ergonomically designed with a contoured wedge shape that leaves room for your growing baby, take weight and pressure from your back and abdomen and makes it much easier to get to sleep in the side-sleeping position, the medically recommended sleep position during pregnancy.

    With our maternity pillow wedge you can relieve back pain during pregnancy.

    Getting a good night's sleep as your baby grows can get harder and harder and you want to side sleep as recommended but have a hard time getting comfortable. It is much easier with the contoured pregnancy support pillow. Designed to support your belly when in bed, this soft memory foam pregnancy pillow adjusts to your changing body. The contoured shape of the maternity foam wedge

    gently hugs and supports you during side sleep. Are you an expectant mother or do you know one who would like to feel and sleep better? Helps mums to be relax and improve sleep by reducing discomfort and offering the cushioned support she needs.

    The maternity support pillow supports doctor recommended side sleeping.


    Side sleep in greater comfort and feel more rested at this pivotal moment in your life. Take care of baby and take care of you. The maternity wedge is a single item and is offered with a washable quilted cover.

    Give a mum to be the gift of better rest with this maternity pillow wedge.


    This maternity pillow will help reduce back pain by lifting and supporting your growing belly at a comfortable angle helping you get the sleep you and your baby need so much. The curved wedge shape of our pregnancy pillow provides gentle comfort that promotes the proper sleep position, alignment and your comfort and quality of rest.

    The pregnancy support pillow helps mothers to be to relax.


    Getting a good nights sleep as your baby grows is so important. It’s important to your baby and an important part of taking care of you. But there is likely no more challenging time to get comfortable than when you are with child. The maternity wedge pillow is designed specifically for mums to be and as such is far more comfortable than a 'make do' conventional pillow. Our pregnancy wedge pillow is designed to avoid 'slipping' over the course of the night and doesn't change shape. And because it's smaller than a normal pillow, it doesn't take up quite as much space in the bed.

    Our Adjustable pregnancy pillow can grow with you.


    A removable insert allow adjustments. In the later months as your baby grows, simply remove the insert and you have a lower, gentler incline ideal for those last few months when you need help getting comfortable the most. The tummy wedge baby support pillow allows you to sleep comfortably on your side throughout your pregnancy.

    The removable insert let you adjust this contoured pregnancy support pillow.


    Our exclusive patented removable insert lets you adjust our contoured support pillow as your tummy grows. And the shape of our Pregnancy Pillow is designed to maximize support and comfort and reduce back pain by helping to keep your knees and spine in optimal alignment for a healthy, restful restorative sleep. Additionally, our memory foam pregnancy support wedge is allergy-resistant with all new premium grade foam giving you the luxury, support and comfort you deserve.

    Our pregnancy pillow is designed to hug your growing tummy.


    Our maternity pillow wedge helps relieve back pain throughout your pregnancy and is designed to support your growing belly. Our gently contoured pillow is designed to cradle the tummy and is 'open-ended' allowing it to continue to support you as your belly grows. A good night's sleep is one of the kindest gifts you can give yourself when you're pregnant. If you know a mum to be who is struggling to get comfortable in bed, consider gifting this premium contoured pregnancy support pillow.

    Get more comfortable in the recommended side sleeping position with our pregnancy pillow.


    Sleeping on your side is the maternity sleep position most health professional recommend. It allows for plenty of support for baby while maximising the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the placenta and minimizing the swelling of ankles and feet. After month four, the uterus grows large enough to compress the major blood vessels that run along the right side of your spine. Given this, it is recommended that you rest on your left side. This can prevent your uterus from putting too much pressure on the major blood vessels and it can promote circulation to your uterus. The right maternity support pillow can make it substantially more comfortable to sleep in this oft recommended side positioning.

    Our contoured pregnancy support pillow can help eliminate painful pressure points.


    Our memory foam pregnancy pillow is gently sloped to offer you comfort and support right where you need it most. This gentle scalloping hugs the belly while the subtly rippled underside adds further cushioning. Our expertly designed maternity pillow features an exclusive open-ended contour which doesn't restrict the tummy and allows room to grow. And a removable insert means you can adjust this pillow as your baby grows and your sleep comfort needs change.

    Australian Made & Owned
    Our EasyFeed Maternity Pillow and EasyFeed Spare Pillow Covers are proudly made in Australia by us, an Australian owned company, utilising the world class manufacturing and health and safety standards that Australia upholds.

  • Country of Manufacture Australia
    Profile Adjustable
    Filling Traditional Foam
    Accessory Cover / Quilted Cotton / White
    Dimensions 33 x 32 x 9 cm

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