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Tummy Snuggler Cushion - Pregnancy Support Pillow

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  • Adjustable pregnancy cushion in luxurious Australian made Memory Foam

    Our adjustable maternity support cushion is constructed from luxurious Australian made Memory Foam. The maternity support cushion is designed to support your growing belly and aching back before and after your baby’s arrival. Whether you need help getting comfortable in a side sleeping position or you need support whilst you lounge, read or watch television, our maternity support cushion is a must have. Countless mothers-to-be have been able to finally get comfortable and get the rest they need with our Tummy Snuggler Maternity Support Cushion.

    100% Australian Made - Our Australian made Tummy Snuggler Maternity Support Cushion is entirely designed and produced in Australia for Pillows Australia

    This might be the world’s best maternity support cushion for mothers-to-be!

    Pregnancy can be uncomfortable at the best of times, especially during the 2nd and third trimesters where your baby is growing and making it that bit harder for you to get comfortable. The right pregnancy cushion can help you find some relief, relax more comfortably and sleep better. Our maternity support cushion is constructed from sculptured Australian made Memory Foam for gently support with a polyfil topping for superb comfort and a luxe softness.

    The Tummy Snuggler Cushion helps maintain a comfortable side-sleeping position as recommended for your health during pregnancy

    Most health care professionals attest that side sleeping is best for both mother & baby. Still, for those used to sleeping on their stomach or back, getting comfortable on your side can be challenging. Our maternity support pillow cushions and comforts your growing tummy throughout your pregnancy even as your comfort needs change along with your shape. The right, comfortable maternity pillow can make this less than comfortable time a little easier and help you get the rest you need before your baby arrives.

    With our maternity body pillow, you no longer need to use pile of pillows

    Don’t settle for a cheap, poorly made, un-supportive conventional pillow when there are so many affordable, premium pillow and cushion options to choose from. Reduce shifting, tossing & turning and your collection of pillows that you have to push and shove to try to get comfortable. With our maternity support cushion there is no need for a pile of multiple pillows. Our versatile maternity support cushion is suitable for all body shapes and sizes. With specially sculptured memory foam sleeves that diffuse pressure to your abdomen and back, the support pillow spreads your body’s load evenly to avoid and alleviate pain in painful pressure points.

    Stop tossing and turning, and get a good night’s rest with the maternity support pillow

    Don’t sacrifice another night’s sleep when a comfortable, quality pillow could give you an uninterrupted rest. Quality rest and sleep can be elusive when you are going through the stages pregnancy. Your growing belly can make your traditional sleeping positions all but impossible to reach and uncomfortable at best. The medically recommend side sleeping position is the optimal sleep position for you and your developing child. Add to that common issues with sciatica, swelling and overall discomfort, mothers-to-be can reap the benefits of a sound night’s sleep with the supportive Tummy Snuggler Cushion. With our Tummy Snuggler pregnancy support cushion, both the abdomen and back are cushioned and supported. Correcting spine misalignment and getting your body into the correct spinal alignment position can ease back pain and deter unnecessary discomfort. Likewise, our comfort pillow can elevate your legs to reduce swelling and leg pain discomfort.

    The Tummy Snuggler Maternity Support Cushion gives your body optimal support right where you need it most

    Our Tummy Snuggler Maternity Support Cushion uses a specific combination of Australian made Memory Foam and super-soft polyfill so you can use the side that you find feels best.  As your baby grows and develops over the final two trimesters, just remove some of the polyfill to lower the bumper sections of the cushion to find the optimal comfort you need. Stop the endless cycle of tossing, turning, shifting and awakening tired and uncomfortable with the right cushion for you.

    The Tummy Snuggler Maternity Support Cushion is a great gift for mothers-to-be

    Looking for just the right gift for a relative or a friend who is soon to become a mother? Consider an Australian made Maternity Support Cushion. Not only do mums-to-be often have a much harder time getting comfortable for sleep, it goes without saying that they really need all of the rest they can get with their body’s doing all the hard work of nurturing new life. Why leave an expectant mum with a cheap pillow when she spends hours a night with it, relying on it to keep her comfortable throughout rest? Give her the comfort and support she deserves and treat her to the comfort of a quality Australian made pregnancy support cushion, designed specifically for mothers to be.

    The Tummy Snuggler maternity pillow can help mothers-to-be get comfortable & sleep better

    The Tummy Snuggler Maternity Cushion helps mothers-to-be get the rest they need to give their growing child the best start to life. Pregnancy is a wonderful time in anyone's life, but there are a range of discomforts that many mothers-to-be suffer from. Thee inability to get comfortable at bedtime and get a good night’s rest is a major issue for most women who are going through pregnancy. If you are a mother to be or have an expectant mother in your life who could use some help at bedtime getting to sleep comfortably, surprise her with a supportive comfort designed maternity cushion.

    This plush body support cushion can also help anyone maintain a comfortable side sleeping position

    No mother-to-be should be without a supportive maternity cushion! But while this support cushion has been designed with expectant mothers in mind, really, it offers comfort for anyone looking to maintain a healthy, comfortable side sleeping position. If you are looking for a better night’s sleep and relief from the aches and pains that are getting in the way of a restful night, consider a supportive cushion designed to enmesh you in comfort.

    Our Tummy Snuggler pregnancy support cushion is constructed from Australian made luxury Memory Foam

    Our plush visco elastic foam maternity cushion helps expectant mothers find the perfect position for a restful night's sleep. Designed with luxury Memory Foam and filled with soft polyfill, our tranquil maternity cushion is a dual paneled cushion that is connected by an adjustable center support section. One side of the cushion supports your growing belly while the other side supports your lower back for unsurpassed comfort during every stage of pregnancy. Uniquely designed to suit your changing shape, our maternity support pillow can make all the difference in finding a comfortable, relaxing position in bed.

    Care Instructions

    Filling: Do not wash inner fill. If moist or soiled remove from inner cover and dry on rack warm place. *Polyfill will naturally compact with use. To re-plump, tease fibre or add filling.

    Inner sleeve: Memory foam. Do not wash.

    Inner cover: Remove filling. Warm hand wash only. Hang dry.

  • TGA Listed Yes
    Aust. Register of Therapeutic Goods No.174453 Device:Cushion
    Size Height: 13 cm X Width: 28 cm X Length: 37 cm
    Overall Length Extended 79 cm Not extended: 52 cm
    Filling Polyester Polyfill
    Inner Sleve Visco Elastic Memory Foam
    Inner cover Natural Cotton
    Manufactured Australian Made
    Brochure  Download Flyer

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