Thera-med Lumbar Bolster - Large D shape.


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Thera-med Lumbar Bolster - Large D shape.

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  • Support for Each Part of the Body

    An excellent all round product the Theramed Lumbar bolster can be used in a variety of ways to support and stretch the body. 

    Beneficial for both at home and for use in the practice. 

    High Density yet comfortable performance foam can be used in following ways

    - Under the heels when on your back. 

    - Under the front of heels when on your front. 

    - Under back of knees.

    - Behind the neck. 

    - Under lower back bother horizontally or vertically depending on stretch requirements. 



  • Inner High Density Australian Traditional Foam - Very Rigid.
    Outer Cover Durable Vinyl
    Size 50cm length x 30cm width x 16cm height

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