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Pyramid Body Pillow

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  • Finally a relaxation pillow for comfortable reading in bed.

    Having a hard time getting comfortable in bed? If you struggle to find pile up pillows in order to get comfortable reading, watching television or relaxing in bed, our pyramid pillow offers a great way to support yourself in comfort. Our reading pillow features a patented 'lumbar bulb' to provide complete lower back support when reading in bed or even lounging in your favorite chair. Toss your standard pillows aside for a better designed reading pillow.

    The support of a bed wedge with the give of a pillow.

    No more ‘too soft’ or ‘too hard’ pillows. Our Pyramid supportive lumbar pillow offers much of the support you would get from a bed wedge with more give and cushioning. Our relaxation support pillow s generously filled with fluffy polyester fibres, and a zip access lets you remove or add cushioning softness to your specific comfort level. Real relaxation is sometimes just about the right pillow.

    A relaxing bed pillow support that is adjustable.

    Tired of pillows that don’t feel quite right? Real relaxation is an important component of health and wellness. This large body pillow can help you relax and recharge with cushioned support that is completely adjustable and customisable to your liking. And our body pillow is the only relaxation support pillow featuring the patented Lumbar Bulb for even better lower back support and it comes with a machine washable poly/cotton slip to protect your pillow.

    A supportive pillow great for expectant and nursing mothers.

    Need a comfortable pillow for both before and after baby? The pyramid pillow provides effective wrap around and lumbar support while reading or relaxing in bed and this large body pillow is a must have for nursing mothers and anyone with medical conditions that make sleeping or resting in an elevated sleeping position more comfortable like congestion, hiatus hernia, acid reflux, heartburn and others. And this supportive lumbar pillow offers the added advantage arm and elbow support which comes in handy whether you are nursing, reading or even clicking away at your device or laptop.

    The Pyramid Pillow offers cushioned support while resting in bed.

    Looking to get more comfortable when lounging, reading or watching television in bed? Don’t suffer another night of reading or relaxing in a propped up position hard on your body. Not when you can get a body pillow perfect for you that supports your head, back, neck and shoulders in the very positions you feel most comfortable in. The right pyramid pillow can make working, lounging, reading or tv time more comfortable by offering both back support and cushioning for your arms. Let our reading pillow make diving into that bestseller easy on your back, shoulders, arms, neck and head.

    With arm & elbow support, the Pyramid Pillow is a comfortable reading pillow.

    Do your arms and shoulders get sore or stiff when you read or lounge in bed? Forget the piles of pillow or fighting with your partner over who gets which pillow, claim your comfort with pyramid body pillow and do it right and get two, one for each of you. With the triangle body pillow, you get the support of a wedge pillow with the softness of a cushiony comfort pillow. Get the right comfort and support from your premium pillow.

    The Pyramid pillow can offer support for individuals who must sleep elevated.

    Don’t let another night pass trying in vain to get comfortable sleeping slightly elevated. Has a health professional recommended you sleep slightly elevated? Sleeping elevated can be really challenging but if your health professional has recommended it, our pyramid pillow can make it easier. Softer than a wedge pillow, our supportive sleep pillow can still help keep you elevated to ease discomforts as you require. Have a rough night with acid reflux keeping you up all night? Put the triangle body pillow to work elevating you up so sleeping is easier and more comfortable.

    Finally a reading pillow naturally shaped to support you, no more piles of pillows.

    Do you consistently stack and move pillows in bed trying to get cozy? Traditional bed pillows that bottom out or compress can make getting comfortable impossible and even exacerbate neck and shoulder pain. With this contoured sleep pillow, your frame is supported With a true comfort pillow, you get all over support so you can read in bed without adding soreness or stiffness. This total body pillow offers you comfort where it counts keeping you elevated and with its patented lumbar bulb, our pyramid body pillow is a must have for those suffering back problems, shoulder pain and a stiff neck. The pillow’s ergonomic  design the result of extensive research to find a shape that offers the ultimate in total spinal support for those concerned with back and neck care.

    Supportive lumbar pillow gives you back support where you need it most.

    Don’t settle for a crummy, one size fits all sleeping pillow. If your standard pillow s falling short, it is likely time for an extra support pillow. Find the right body pillow for your form and it can make a world of difference in your comfort level. Our triangular body pillow is amply filled with all-new polyester fibre, with an easy zip access which allows you to add or delete fill to make this adjustable body pillow your own. Don’t waste another good night’s rest to the wrong pillow.

    Finally, full body support for your bed, chair or sofa with the Relaxation support pillow.

    With the pyramid pillow, you finally get the support you are need with the softness that just fells good. Our premium body pillow is adjustable, offers unique added lumbar support and can be purchased with several slip choices to coordinate with your décor or style. Shop pillow slip choices like with or without ruffled or plain poly/cotton over slips in beautiful pastels and also in broderie anglais. You can purchase extra overslips/pillow covers/cases separately.

    Australian Made & Owned
    Our EasyFeed Maternity Pillow and EasyFeed Spare Pillow Covers are proudly made in Australia by us, an Australian owned company, utilising the world class manufacturing and health and safety standards that Australia upholds.

  • TGA Listed Yes
    Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods Number No.174455 Device: Pillow
    Size 80cm high, 66cm across (at widest part) and approximately 14 cm deep.
    Filling Polyester Polyfill
    Inner Cover Polypropylene
    Outer Cover Poly/Cotton
    Country of Manufacture Australian Made
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