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Naturelle Latex Mattress Topper

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  • Our Naturelle Latex Mattress Topper offers a natural choice for healthy night's sleep

    Natural latex offers a durable, eco friendly, renewable material that is resist to moisture and heat making it cooler and more comfortable. Likewise, superior pressure relief can eliminate the painful pressure points that can leave you tired, sore and stiff even after a night’s rest.

    The latex foam Mattress Topper gently conforms to the natural contours of your body

    With the Naturelle Latex Mattress Topper, you get a premium mattress pad that conforms to your body’s contours to provide the support you need to sleep comfortable. A quality mattress pad enhances the life span of your existing mattress, even breathing new life into a tired or less than cushioned mattress. Mattress toppers offer some advantage over pillow top mattress pads that are built right into your mattress. First, your fitted sheets pull on easier with a mattress topper. Second, our latex mattress pad provides optimal cushioned support while keeping without too much added bed height. Third, you can rotate your mattress as needed and our natural latex mattress pad can be removed first so as not to add unnecessary weight to an already tough job. Finally, natural latex is a high performance natural material, which is anti-microbial and dust-mite resistant, which can alleviate allergies for those who suffer from them.

    A natural latex cushioned mattress pad offers a breathable, hypoallergenic sleep

    Our innovative mattress topper design introduces a self-ventilating, pin-core design for dissipation of body heat. Natural latex is non-temperature sensitive meaning its softness is not affected by room temperature like many other foam materials. Natural latex is a great material for those who are conscious of looking after the environment, as the material adheres to the highly regarded European environmental standards. 


    The Naturelle Latex Mattress Topper comes in five standard sizes: King, Queen, Double, King Single & Single

    Add a cushioning, supportive layer to your mattress or even revive and older mattress with our natural latex mattress pad. We offer this premium mattress topper to fit all mattresses including: King, Queen, Double, King Single and Single. And your regular fitted sheets will easily slip over the mattress pad so no need for specially sized bedding.

    Get comfortable naturally with the 100% natural latex mattress pad

    Our Naturelle Latex Mattress Topper is produced from pure natural latex from the rubber tree. We harvest it by tapping the sap of a renewable tropical tree called Heavea Braziliensis. No chemicals are added to stabilise the natural rubber even the inherent natural colouring remains. While some latex is adulterated with chemicals or fillers, our 100% natural latex is bio-degradable, non-toxic and contaminant-free!

    Our latex foam mattress topper provides pure comfort & support

    Sleep cool and comfortable with a premium latex mattress pad. With our innovative process, we create hundreds of holes and a cell structure with millions of interconnecting cells to with a topper density of the topper 70KGS/CBM allowing for optimal, natural ventilation. This means rapidly dispersal of body heat and moisture, meaning you get a cool, comfortable night’s rest.

    Our Latex Mattress Topper is pure Australian made Latex Foam

    In the past, health professionals widely recommended a firm mattress to support better sleep posture understanding that an overly soft or sagging mattress is not ideal for spinal alignment and ultimate comfort. But whether you are a back, side or tummy sleeper, your body isn’t flat, it is contoured and an overly firm and rigid mattress can create painful pressure points and hot spots where you need support but some give from your mattress. The flexibility of Natural Latex means it instantaneously conforms to every curve and contour of your body in soft latex foam comfort. Better still, you can have the comforting support of natural latex foam for your neck and head with our gently contoured natural latex foam pillows. Or for a less dense 'softer feel pillow', adopt one of our many premium comfort contoured and traditional pillows.

    Our natural latex cushioned mattress cover provides pressure relief

    Does discomfort or the flaring of already sore or tender pressure points or hot spots affect your sleep? With the Naturelle Natural Latex Mattress Topper you get just the right balance between softness and support, and the right amount of loft for optimal sleep alignment. The pure latex naturally conforms to your shape and eliminates pressure points thereby potentially reducing tossing and turning.

    The latex mattress pad can help reduce tossing & turning

    Our Naturelle Latex Mattress Topper delivers the ultimate sleeping surface that alleviates pressure points providing the cushioned comfort you need to sleep more soundly and awake refreshed and ready for the day. When you reduce sleep disturbances, you can get the many benefits of continual rest.

    With the superior mattress topper achieve better spine alignment & reduced pressure points

    A mattress topper is an easy way to transform your current mattress. With an egg crate foam mattress topper, you have an affordable way to reduce or simply an added support and weight distributor to improve rest and sleep. Just place your new Naturelle Latex Topper on top of your existing mattress. Then place your fitted sheet atop both the topper and the mattress, holding the topper in place. Then simply enjoy a good night’s rest!

    The right latex mattress topper can help you fall asleep faster & stay asleep longer

    Get optimal support from head to toe! 100% unadulterated latex offers the natural choice for healthy sleeping. With standout comfort and durability, natural latex is a lush yet affordable material to transform your existing mattress. Our Naturelle Natural Latex Mattress toppers offer a healthy alternative to synthetic memory foam products for those who wish to steer clear of synthetic foams. Latex toppers offer extra cushioning, luxurious comfort and excellent pressure-point relief and the ultimate sleep experience.

    Care Instructions

    • Latex Mattress Topper Insert: Do Not Immerse in water. Lightly dab clean, mild detergent, warm water. Do not scrunch, stretch or twist when cleaning. Squeeze out moisture by pressing between towels. Do not machine wash. Do not tumble dry. Dry flat in airy location, avoiding direct sunlight and heat.
    • Latex Mattress Topper Cover: Hand Wash in warm water. Do not bleach. Do not tumble dry. Line dry only

    Foam Discoloration & Air Traps

    Please Note:
    You may observe that there are small bubbles or half-moon or elongated indentations within the surface area of your Naturelle Latex Mattress Topper. These are called 'Air Traps'. This is quite normal and are simply a by-product of the moulding and curing process of this natural product. It occurs in all latex products, whether it be in latex mattress toppers, latex mattresses, latex pillows, latex pressure care cushions and all other therapeutic latex products. These visual imperfections are integral to the production of natural latex, and in no way affect the performance or longevity of this product. It is normal and is not a factory defect and does not constitute grounds for return. In fact, air traps actually help facilitate air circulation throughout the natural latex mattress topper, making it more hygienic and allowing the topper to naturally dissipate excess natural body heat throughout rest.
  • TGA Listed Yes
    Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods Number No. 174457 Device: Pressure Alleviation Pad
    Single Size 90cm wide x 188cm long x 5cm high
    King Single Size 107cm wide x 200cm long x 5cm high
    Double Size 135cm wide x 188cm long x 5cm high
    Queen Size 150cm wide x 200cm long x 5cm high
    King Size 180cm wide x 200cm long x 5cm high
    Foam Natural latex rubber
    Thickness 5 cm
    Cover 70% cotton / 30% polyester
    Topper Density 70KGS/CBM
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