Lupin Microwave Heat Wrap - Back & Hip Wrap


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Natural Lupin Heat Wrap - Wraparound Back & Hip Natural Heat Pack

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  • Hot & cold therapy is very effective in treating chronic aches & pains.

    Chronic aches, pains and even old injuries can be challenging to treat because many medical therapies like over the counter and prescription pain medication are not recommended for long periods of time. Lupin heat packs are all natural and free of interactions, complications and other counter indications of medication. Get quick, safe, non-addictive natural pain relief with our lupin heat wraps.

    Our microwavable lower back heat pack warms quickly for effective relief fast.

    When you are in pain, you don’t want to have to wait for relief. Our moist heat pack warms quickly in the microwave so you can soothe aches and pains in no time. The lupin lower back heat wrap and warming pad is suitable for all parts of the body, but this shape is especially great for lower back pain, hip pain and sciatica. If you or someone you love suffers with chronic back pain, our lupin natural warm wrap can offer the soothing comfort of heat to make day to day activities easier and sitting more comfortable. And with a belted, wearable wrap, you get mobile pain relief as it is easy to wear the wrap while you do household chores, run errands and work.

    With the reusable heat wrap, you get eco-conscious, natural pain relief.

    Don’t settle for disposable heat wraps when there is a sustainable, reusable alternative that feels even better. Our reusable heat wrap is made using 100% natural Australian lupins offering warm relief that is allergy and odour free. And our natural lupins are not treated with chemicals or fungicides so you get the safe, effective pain relief you can trust for you and your family. The Therapeutic Goods Administration (ARTG) number is 106788. Our back/hip wrap is handmade in Australia from Australian lupins rice bag and features a100% natural cotton corduroy cover. And all this care toward making an environmentally friendly doesn’t take away from the effectiveness of our quality moist heat packs.

    Lupin heat packs a better alternative to other heat therapy.

    Lupin heat packs and hot wraps offer a “low allergy” alternative to wheat packs. The penetrating heat of a Lupin heat wrap stays warmer longer than both traditional wheat bags and rice bags. Lupins also offer advantages over wheat or rice packs as they are more resistant to moisture (makes cleaning easier and they last longer) and less weight for easier use and added comfort. Therapeutic Pillow & Thera-med offers 100% natural lupin heat packs that have been made with care every step of the way from the harvesting of the lupin grain, all the way to the final stitch on the corduroy cover. Lupin is a better alternative to a rice bag or wheat wrap, less allergenic, lighter, retains heat better and you can get totally natural healing safely.

    With our moist heat pack, you can get soothing, natural pain relief.

    There are many benefits of moist heat. The benefits of heat therapy are irrefutable and impressive. Heat therapy can alleviate stiffness and improve circulation by opening blood vessels - easing pain from arthritis, tennis elbow, tension headaches, sinus pressure, TMJ, tired feet, aching shoulder and back pain, and so much more.

    Reap the benefits of hot therapy & cold therapy with our heatable body packs.

    Natural hot and cold therapy can be yours with our reusable moist heat pack or cooling body wrap. Need warm relief for muscle pain? Give our Lupin heat wrap a few minutes in the microwave. Want cool relief for inflammation? Put our cool pack in the freezer for a few minutes. Need portable back pain relief in the car? Heat your Lupin heat bag and take it with you. Most competing products just don’t offer the dual relief of heat therapy and cold therapy or the portability of a non-electric warming pad.

    Our lupin natural warm wrap is shaped to perfectly mould to your body.

    This unique lower back heat wrap will easily mould to the contours of the lower back. The adjustable belt allows our natural warm pack to rest easily held against the back for long periods of time. Because the shape of our heat pack, you get hands free relief without interruption so you can go about your day getting the things done you need to without sacrificing your comfort. And one size fits most body types comfortably. We love this sized warm wrap for the lower back but you can use it anywhere you have pain on your body. From shoulders to back to necks and more, our warm wrap offers soothing heat and speedy pain relief.

    Heat packs deliver the many benefits of heat therapy, naturally.

    With our lower back heat wrap, you get deeper muscle penetration than many other modes of heat therapy. Our moist heat therapy delivers increased heat directly to your skin without much loss in the transfer process. This results in more efficient heat transfer so that more of the healing, soothing heat makes its way deep into your muscles, joints, ligaments and soft tissue. This deep penetration is a must for athletes and gym goers because blood flow and oxygen levels are elevated accelerating the recovery process.

    With our lower back heat wrap, get instant pain relief where you need it most.

    Our lupin bags with their gentle penetrating heat or cold, go deep into the muscles to help nature with the act of healing. By simply warming in the microwave or chilling in the freezer, the natural lupins will assist to sooth aches, pains, stress and hot flushes. Today more than ever we are becoming aware that even medications often prescribed carry with them a high risk of side effects so more and more people are looking for a natural alternative to pain medication.
  • Inner 100% lupin Grain
    Cover 100% Cotton
    Weight 1.05 kg
    length of belt 1.5m
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