Lupin Microwave Heat Bag - Rectangle Shape


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Natural Lupin Heat Pack - Rectangle Shape Natural Heating Pad

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  • Get instant, natural, warm relief for aches & pains.

    Neck and shoulder pain can be chronic and especially difficult to treat. Many health professionals recommend a conservative watchful waiting period to allow your body to heal itself. Hot and cold therapy can offer significant pain relief, reduce swelling(cool therapy) and improve blood flow(heat therapy) helping you to heal and giving you a measure of comfort during the process. And when you feel better, you sleep better further aiding your body’s natural healing processes. Even moms to be can find gentle relief from lower back pain, sore feet and carpal tunnel syndrome.

    The reusable heat wrap is natural, safe and made right here in Australia.

    You can trust the quality of our natural, hand harvested Australian Lupin. This renewable eco friendly material has no odour, is 30% lighter than wheat heat bags or packs and is never treated with chemicals or fungicides. Get natural pain relief that is safe and eco friendly. These heat packs make a great natural alternative to electric heating pads or even electric blankets. The completely natural alternative to relieve aches and pains that is suited to all parts of the body.

    With the natural hot pack/cold pack, you get relief right where you need it.

    Our perfectly shaped heat bag/heat wrap makes it easy to get the relief you need right where you need it. Do you have a painful shoulder? Are you experiencing sciatica and lower back pain? Is your hip achy? IS your neck stiff? Wherever your body hurts or your joints are stiff, our microwaveable heat pack can give you instant relief and lasting warmth. Our warm packs are also great for cold nights to warm up your bed, feet or hands.

    A quality heat wrap offers all natural pain relief.

    Before you reach for a prescription or even over the counter pain relief medication, try a natural alternative with the healing qualities of heat therapy and even cool therapy. Not only does our natural heat wrap provide immediate soothing warmth, heat therapy is also effective at actually helping speed recovery and improving circulation and thus healing. Cold therapy using our hot pack cold pack can also reduce swelling and inflammation helping speed healing and soothing sore muscles.

    The 100% Australian Lupins in our natural heat wrap are never treated with chemicals.

    Our warm packs are hand crafted in Australia from Australian lupins. Lupins are a small, pearl like seed that are sustainable, renewable and eco friendly. They are also widely regarded as a “low allergy” alternative to wheat making them a great natural pain relief option for those wishing to avoid wheat and wheat based products. Lupins are more resistant to moisture and weigh less making them more comfortable for many users. Our lupin heat bag is enclosed in a 100% natural cotton corduroy cover. 

    You’ll love our hot pack cold pack for its warmth or freeze for cooling relief.

    Our lupin bags offer gentle, penetrating warmth or coolness and can penetrate deep into the muscles to help accelerate your natural healing. Just quickly warm your heat bag in the microwave or chill in the freezer and get the relief you seek. Our 100% natural, Australian natural lupins will sooth aches, help relieve pains, calm stress, warm cold hands or feet and cool hot flushes. Warm yourself up when you need it and get cool relief when you are over warm.

    Heat therapy can even be used in the treatment of headaches & migraines.

    Need natural relief from tension headaches or even migraines and cluster headaches? Many people who suffer from frequent headaches also suffer from tight muscles in the neck and upper back areas. The application of heat therapy to your back and neck relieve some of the tension associated with headache pain. And use of our lupin heat bag around painful areas of the head and face won’t typically stop a migraine, but it can ease the pain and discomfort allowing you to feel better faster.

    This microwavable heat pack warms quickly to help you get relief fast.

    Because our heat pack is microwaveable, you can get quick pain relief nearly anywhere. You can quick warm it up and put it where you need relief at the office and even warm it up and bring it on the road with you while you run errands or drop off the kids. At home, you can quickly offer soothing relief with the warmth of our heat bag to older children and anyone in your home nursing ore muscles or feeling under the weather. If you are a fitness aficionado or just getting back to it, our warm wraps can speed healing to get you back in the game faster. After a tough marathon or that tennis match, alternate heat therapy with cool therapy for quick relief from much of the pain of overused muscles.

    Our Lupin heat bag stays warmer longer & offer targeted heat therapy.

    The lupin warm pack stays warm to the touch longer than traditional wheat bags or rice bags. Our heat wrap offers a perfect material right from Mother Nature that gives you quick, cheap, non-chemical pain relief. The therapeutic effects of heat include decreasing joint stiffness; reducing pain; relieving muscle spasms; reducing inflammation and increasing blood flow to the affected area.

    The shape of our heat wrap makes it easy to use wherever you hurt.

    Get gentle pain relief that you can use without risk of dependency or other issues sometimes associated with pharmaceutical pain relievers. Heat therapy can be helpful for a variety of ailments such as muscle spasms, myalgia, overuse, fibromyalgia, arthritis, tendonitis and bursitis. The benefits of heat therapy are widely acknowledged and now you have an easy, affordable way to experience the healing of heat therapy right at home with our Lupin heat pad.
  • Size 33cm x 13cm
    Weight 0.85kg
    Cover 100% cotton
    Inner Contents 100% natural lupin grain.
    Manufactured Made in Australia.
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