Lupin Microwave Heat Bag - Body Pillow Medium


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Natural Lupin Heat Pack - Medium Body Pillow Sized Natural Heating Pad

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  • Our Lupin wrap--a cool pack or moist heat therapy perfect for post work out.

    If your workouts or athletic endeavors are leaving you stiff or achy, try the cool relief or penetrating warmth of Lupin hot and cold therapy. Whether you have tennis elbow, knee pain, shoulder stiffness or general muscle pain from a vigorous workout, hot and cold therapy helps you feel better faster. Ease sore, overused muscles and feel better, sleep better, recover faster and get back in the game!

    Health professional recommend safe & natural heat therapy.

    Heat therapy offers a safe, natural way to treat a variety of health concerns. Heat therapy aids circulation in part because, when subjected to heat, blood vessels dilate increasing blood flow. Natural heat therapy enhances your body’s capacity to eliminate toxins naturally. Due to increased blood flow, toxins are pulled from injured tissues more effectively. Heat therapy also enhances oxygen delivery to your tissues. When you use a heat pack on sore or achy areas of your body, you are promoting an increase in oxygen to that area resulting in enhanced tissue repair.

    Our reusable heat pack is made from 100% natural, Australian Lupins.

    Providing safe, natural pain relief, our Lupin bags are made from 100% Australian Lupins that are never treated with chemicals or insecticides so you can trust the quality of our product. And this large warm wrap is sized perfectly for nearly anywhere on your body. You can even warm your bed or that of your child’s to make it cozy and inviting on chilly nights. These heat pads are natural, safe, easy to use and you will find so many uses for them.

    A large warming pad delivers heat therapy/cool therapy where you need it.

    Natural pain remedies are preferred by may people but are not always convenient or easy to use anywhere. With our natural heat pad, you can use in in bed, on the couch or even behind your back in the car, seat or dinner table. You can warm your bed before sleep or rest cold feet on it while you watch television. Our large warming pad goes wherever you go.

    Get back in the game & recover faster with the large warm wrap.

    Heat therapy is a potent physical remedy. It acts to relieve pain and promote health in a variety of ways. A hot pack, warming pad or heat wrap helps promote the natural healing process of your body. Better healing means fewer toxins that may promote pain and swelling.

    Our heat pad is Australian made & adheres to high quality product standards.

    Australian made from Australian Lupins that are not treated with chemicals or fungicides. Lupin is the ideal low allergen alternative to wheat wraps and rice wraps, offers a lighter weight feel and no odor that can come with other grain based warming wraps. And our warming wrap offers sewn channels to keep the Lupins from shifting to one side of the wrap while you are using it. This makes it comfortable nearly anywhere on your body.

    Our large warm wrap is great for warming up your bed or feet.

    Many people purchase these warming pads for aches and pains but then find that they are put to use by everyone in the house. Suffer from cold hands or feet? Try a gentle warming pad. Whether you are sore from a marathon or suffering menstrual cramps, get quick warm relief with our Lupin heat bag. And these heat pads work great for children too. The Lupin heat pads are great for warming a child’s bed, tummy aches or relief from ear ache pain and even a simple and safe natural remedy for growing pains.

    Natural hot & cold therapy offers clinical benefits for pain & healing.

    There are many ways in which heat therapy can help you if you are in pain. First, heat therapy helps increase blood flow thereby increasing tissue ventilation which can lower lactic acid and other substances that can cause muscle discomfort. Likewise, the warm temperature stimulates the same nerve endings as pain stimuli so uncomfortable pain signals are reduced as the nerve endings also transmit temperature signals to your brain. Finally, heat works to relieve stiff joints by stimulating lubrication from the synovial fluid in your joints. This natural joint lubricant is in part dependent upon blood flow. When you use heat therapy on a stiff joint, circulation and blood flow is increased, encouraging synovial fluid production.

    Get instant pain relief with our large warming pad.

    More and more people are turning to heat therapy for safe, natural pain relief. Heat therapy offers a multitude of benefits with minimal side effects, making it a safe choice for you and your family. And with our Australian grown and made heat pack, you don’t have to worry about pesticides, fungicides or chemicals as our Lupins are never treated with these.

    Many people are turning to heat therapy to safely manage & treat chronic pain.

    Chronic pain is persistent pain in which pain signals keep firing long after an initial trauma, illness or injury. Perhaps there was an initial source of pain like a wrenched back, stiff neck or serious infection. Or perhaps you suffer from an ongoing cause of pain like fibromyalgia, arthritis, cancer or ear infection. Sometime there can be chronic pain in the absence of a known injury or illness.  Many people who suffer from chronic pain are searching for drug free pain relief. Over the counter and prescribed medication is an important part of chronic pain management and yet, many individuals are looking for ways to avoid excess medication or even to reduce their dependency on side effect laden pain medication. Heat therapy can be a great pain reliever and sanity saver for those people that must deal with and try to manage chronic pain.
  • Size 40cm x 19cm
    Weight 0.95kg
    Grain 100% Australian Grown Lupin.
    Cover 100% cotton
    Country of Origin Australia
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