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Body Huggar Mattress Topper

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  • Our Egg Foam Body Huggar Mattress Pad can extend the life of your mattress

    Tired of the feel of your old mattress? Longing for a better, more comfortable sleep but you don’t want to replace your existing mattress? Perhaps you bought a mattress, took it home only to find the cushioning and support is not as comfortable as it seemed in the store. With our egg foam mattress pad, you can rejuvenate an old mattress or customise a new mattress without the cost of a whole new mattress. With the Body Huggar Egg Foam Mattress Pad, you can get the cushioned support you want at a price you can live with.

    100% Australian Made - Our Australian made Body Huggar Mattress Pad is completely designed and produced in Australia by us, Pillows Australia


    The Egg Foam Mattress Pad gives your mattress a soft feel with cushioning comfort

    Our Australian made, plush dimple foam (egg carton shaped) Egg Foam supports and promotes a deep relaxing sleep by offering cushioned and responsive support right where you need it most. The dimpled, egg carton Egg Foam surface is engineered to promote air circulation, evenly distributing weight and supporting the body by gently conforming to every body contour. Acting as a plush mattress overlay, the Body Huggar Mattress Pad provides long lasting supportive comfort so you can find the best sleep possible!

    An egg carton shaped Egg Foam mattress pad that won’t "bottom out" under the body's load

    Mattress pads can be an excellent way of reinvigorating an older mattress without a costly replacement. And yet, too many foam mattress pads ‘bottom out’ under the weight of your body flattening over time and quickly losing the support and cushioning you were promised. With the Body Huggar’s heavy grade, deep-pile dimple foam, you get lasting support and a mattress pad that will offer the continual sleep comfort you deserve. Get the support you need right where you need it most, under your back, shoulders, hips and heels. Our premium Australian made Egg Foam Mattress Pad does not collapse under the body's high load areas as it is measurably thicker (6 cm / 2.5 inches) from the underside of the pad to top of the pads peaks, thereby assuring pressure is effectively dispersed with no part of the body left unsupported.

    The Egg Foam Body Huggar Mattress Pad reduces uncomfortable pressure points by conforming to your natural body shape

    Our Egg Foam Mattress Pad is Australian made from premium Australian manufactured dimple foam that actively reduces uncomfortable pressure points and hot spots to offer your body therapeutic pressure free comfort. Mattress pads or mattress overlays offer proper pressure relief that can help prevent pressure ulcers in those prone to them by evenly distributing the body’s weight away from high load areas such as the shoulders, buttocks, hips and the heels.

    Get the best rest with the Egg Foam Body Huggar Mattress Pad

    Our premium Body Huggar Egg Foam Mattress Pad features luxurious heavy-grade Australian made foam that does not "bottom out" under the body's high physical load areas such as the shoulders, hips and the heels. This means that you get the constant support that your body needs for the rest it deserves. The egg carton foam mattress pad acts as a light mattress overlay, that offers a cool, dry and comfortable surface for restful sleep throughout the night.

    Our egg foam cushioned mattress pad can help reduce physical pain & discomfort

    Don’t settle for a mattress that leaves you achy and stiff with sore muscles or worse. The Body Huggar mattress topper conforms to your body and can end the near torture of an unforgiving conventional mattresses. Our premium mattress pad also fosters the recommended healthy spinal alignment promoting the restorative sleep that is so good for your body.

    Breathe new life into your old mattress with an egg foam Body Huggar Mattress Pad

    Our foam mattress pad offers the perfect combination of comfort and support for the ultimate sleep experience. Perhaps you purchased a new mattress that is firmer than you wanted. Or maybe you have an aging mattress that needs a lift. With out egg foam mattress overlay, you can get a whole new level of comfort without the expense of completely replacing your existing mattress.

    With the egg carton shaped Australian made Egg Foam Mattress Pad, you can give your body the best night’s sleep

    The egg carton shaped Egg Foam’s dimpled structure surface facilitates air flow, maintaining a more consistent body temperature over the course of the night. This in turn promotes a deeper, more healthful sleep. Sleep is critical to your body's functioning, health and overall well-being so why wouldn’t you do all you can to assure that you are giving your body the best night’s rest?

    A premium quality Australian made egg carton shaped Egg Foam Mattress Pad that makes every rest better

    Get to sleep faster and easier, and wake up feeling refreshed. Make every night better with a bed that feels comfortable and leaves you feeling good throughout the day. Why spend more money replacing your mattress when our Egg Foam Mattress Pad instantly makes any mattress more comfortable and supportive for the best sleep possible.

    Care Instructions

    Inner: Dab clean, mild detergent, warm water. Do not machine wash. Do not tumble dry.

    Australian Made & Owned
    Our EasyFeed Maternity Pillow and EasyFeed Spare Pillow Covers are proudly made in Australia by us, an Australian owned company, utilising the world class manufacturing and health and safety standards that Australia upholds.

  • TGA Listed Yes
    Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods Number No. 174457 Device: Pressure Alleviation Pad
    Single Size 89cm wide x 185cm long x x 5cm high
    King Single Size 107cm wide x 203cm long x 5cm high
    Double Size 133 wide x 185cm long x 5cm high
    Queen Size 148.4cm wide x 199.2cm long x 5cm high
    King Size 183cm wide x 203cm long x 5cm high
    Material 100% open cell breathing Traditional Polyurethane Convoluted Foam
    Thickness 5 cm
    Country of Manufacture Australia
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