Tips on How to Choose the Right Pillow

Memory foam pillow

Choosing the right pillow for your good night sleep is necessary. Pillows are essential components that will determine if you will have a good or bad morning the other day. Usually, we do not take into consideration the type of pillow that is best for us and we take our options for granted since there are many that we can opt to. When it comes to selecting the best pillow for your need, you need to take a look at several factors to consider.

How to find the Right Pillow for Your Sleep Style

We have different sleeping patterns that we find most comfortable for us. Your sleep style likely affects your choice of pillow and it must be one of your considerations when you are looking for the best pillow. Our different sleeping positions affect your sleeping posture thus; you need to find the one that suits your style when sleeping. There are people who are back sleepers while others are side sleepers. With that, it is necessary to find the type of people that will accentuate either your neck or your back. See to it that when you get to choose a pillow, it must suit your need for a well-rested night. As much as possible, avoid pillows that are too high especially if you are a side sleeper. This is to avoid neck aches and other body discomfort. Never place your shoulders above the pillow because it will only make you feel uncomfortable and irritable while sleeping. If you want to elevate your body, then you can use a rolled towel to fill the gap on your shoulder and neck. Remember, your choice of pillow will depend on your sleeping position. This is because some pillows might be better for you than the other types of pillows available. Whatever your sleeping position might be, it always matters if you will take some time in discovering the type of pillow that’s right for you.

How often should I Replace my Pillow

Many are asking about how often pillows must be replaced? Does your pillow need regular replacement? How often should you do it? The fact that pillows are made from several materials, it is necessary to be informed about its life expectancy. Generally, the frequency that you will have to replace your pillow is dependent on the material it is made from. The higher the quality of the material means lesser need for you to replace it or buy a new one. You need to have the right knowledge on when to replace your pillow to assure that it will continue to serve you best.

Pillow Filling: Check Out What is Best for You

Complete SLeeper Memory Foam pillow

Pillows also have different fillings and each of those has its own advantages and level of firmness. Most commonly, a pillow filling that is much softer is more expensive than the other filling types. They range in prices that go up to thousands depending on the demand of the material in the market. The following are the types of pillow fillings available in the market today.

  • Foam pillows
This type of pillow is made out of a temperature-sensitive material that will easily support your back in whatever position you prefer. It is great in supporting the neck and the back while giving comfort to your body. A memory foam pillow creates a comforting cradle for the head as you sleep. With its sponge-like texture, you can be able to relieve any pain on your body particularly on the neck.  
  • Synthetic pillows
This man-made pillow is the most common. Synthetic pillows are usually hypoallergenic which the ideal choice is for those with allergies. The only disadvantage in this is their life span. They tend to give in easily making the maintenance harder for the owner.  
  • Wool pillows
This one is the best choice for people who want to have outstanding support for their back and neck. A wool pillow will make you feel like you are lying in bed made from cotton. The soft texture will make you bounce back your head easily. Wool is generally great sleeper aid that is efficient in drawing moisture from your skin. You are more likely to maintain your body temperature once you use a wool pillow when sleeping. This material is also a hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial.  
  • Latex pillows
Usually, these pillows are made from rubber or elastic materials that tend to return to its shape after using. The sponge-like latex is a very reactive material that once you put pressure on it, the pillow will bounce back to its original shape. Some would prefer latex pillows especially when they are on a long journey and they need to get rest for long straight hours.  
  • Feather pillows
Other pillow fillings are made from feathers that are mostly preferred by most buyers. Feather pillows are best if we are after getting comfort while asleep. The best thing about feather pillow filling is that it is adjustable. You can always add more feathers to accentuate the bulk if you want it bigger. It is able to support greatly the head while eliminating pressure points. The advantage of choosing a feather pillow is that it helps in increasing facial circulation.

Pillows for Your Sleeping Issues

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Not everyone is aware of the fact that choosing a pillow must also be in accordance to your sleeping issue. If you are snoring when asleep, it is best recommended to opt for pillows that are not too high in order not to restrict your airways. Your neck and head must be well supported to provide an easy air passage. Snoring is caused by blocked air in your throat muscles that is why it produces sound. Do not let your nasal passages get restricted by choosing the right pillow for you. In case you have allergies, then select anti-bacterial or hypoallergenic pillows to avoid your allergies from being triggered. Selecting the best pillow might not be your first priority but you must know how to choose the best one for your own comfort. This way, you will have a great sleep anytime of the day.

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